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Our patent designed composite fencing range is available in five colours.

Ecoscape Slatted Fence Panels

All our slatted fence panels are made from a wood-plastic composite (WPC), which is a combination of hardwood sawdust and recycled plastic. The timber used is generally from furniture and joinery shops – which is all FSC certified. The HDPE plastic comes from used milk/water plastic bottles that are cleaned up and turned to pellet form – creating a product that is 95% recycled. 


WPC has many benefits in comparison to traditional timber fencing. The WPC panels do not require sanding, oiling or painting, and maintain a newer look for much longer. 


WPC lasts up to twice as long as traditional fencing and is cheaper to replace should it be damaged. It is also highly resistant to rot, corrosion and decay. 


WPC also has good resistance to UV rays, so it will not change colour or fade the same way traditional timber fencing.

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    We appreciate it can be difficult to visualise how your slatted fencing project may look with a complete change of material/colour scheme. Take a look at our inspiration gallery showcasing projects that use Ecoscape composite fencing.

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Our Composite Decking

    Are WPC fence panels more expensive than timber fence?

    Composite deck boards (also known as WPC decking) are a building material made using a mixture of wood fibres, reclaimed plastics and binding agents. The combination of ingredients produces an incredibly low-maintenance and more durable alternative than wood decking.

    The options available on our website also come with extended warranties of 20 years or more, depending on your purchase range. We can offer this guarantee, in part, because composite decking has higher protection against British elements such as rain and UV ray damage.

    What sizes do the fence panels come in?

    All our panel boards come at 157 x 45 x 1830 mm. Once installed, the boards

    will be will 150mm, making them UK standard height. so 8 boards = 4ft, 10 boards = 5ft and 12 boards = 6ft. 


    The battens will be either 63mm or 38mm, depending on what side they are facing. The system is interchangeable to create various fence designs. All of our fences use a composite modular system. 

    Are WPC slatted fence panels safe for the environment?

    WPC is made from recycled plastics and wood fibres, so it is incredibly environmentally friendly. Our WPC uses waste materials that would otherwise be turned into a landfill. 


    There are no pollutants used in the process of manufacturing, and there is no excess waste produced. Excess waste that is produced in manufacturing is used to make bearers (joists). 


    WPC product lifespan is longer than traditional timber, so it only requires replacing roundabout every 25 years. 


    Studies have shown that you significantly reduce the size of your carbon footprint by using recycled plastic products. In 2020, 2494 tons of plastic waste was used to make our products. That's 828 million plastic bottle caps!

    Where can I see some samples of WPC fence panels?

    We offer free samples of our composite fencing, cladding, and decking products for anyone who wants to get more of a feel of what we have to offer. You can also visit our showroom in Greater Manchester. Or even contact the office, and we will inform you of a partner that has a display.

    We will send you examples in any colour that you like so that you can get a feel and touch for the outstanding quality of our products.

    If you are interested in receiving a free sample, simply fill out one of our forms, and we will get a sample out to you within 2-5 working days.

    How do I install the fence panels?

    Installing the panels is simple. We design our panels to be installed simply and safely,

    without the need for specialist tools. Please refer to our installation video or manual. 


    The panels sit on an aluminium base rail, and each fence board stacks on top until you have

    reached your required height. Once you have finished stacking, you simply add a

    capping rail. Increments of 150mm (6 inch) - to create the desired height. 


    WPC fence boards are much lighter and easier to cut than full-timer panels making them easier to transport, handle and install.

    What footings are required for WPC slatted fence panels?

    If you are installing a fence onto a hard-standing surface such as a driveway, concrete pad or patio, you will need to use our fence base supports for your posts.

    If you are installing your fence onto soft ground, such as grass. You will need to dig down at least 600mm to ensure stability. Once you have reached this depth, you will need to secure your posts with concrete.

    If you are installing on a slope, you must ensure that the ground is level at each stage of the incline. The fencing will go up in steps.

    Can I build an 8-foot fence?

    Each panel has been made to simply slot into the one below it, allowing you to build to your desired height. However, we do not recommend you building over 8 feet without consulting a professional.

    Are WPC slatted fence panels strong?

    Due to the plastic component in the composite, the fence panes are much stronger
    than timber panels. Our fence panels/boards are 45mm thick compared to 19mm of our competitors. Please see our technical specification for strength properties.

    The panels can deal with harsh weather conditions and will not begin to bow over
    time or start to slump.