New Zealand Green Artificial Grass

Our new range of artificial grass gives you the chance to sit back and enjoy all-year-round green with as little maintenance as possible.

  • Queens Town (40mm)

    Queens Town (40mm)

    One of our thicker grasses at 40mm. Queenstown is made up of 3 vibrant natural colours interwoven to give a realistic and lucious looking lawn.

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  • Auckland (26mm)

    Auckland (26mm)

    Our shortest grade grass, Auckland gives the appearance of an impecably cut lawn all year round with none of the hassle.

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  • Christchurch (35mm)

    Christchurch (35mm)

    Our most popular grade offers a medium cut finish and is similar to one of the UK's most popular breeds of grass Dwarf Ryegrass; renound for its thick growth!

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  • Nelson (30mm)

    Nelson (30mm)

    Because there is no need to water artificial grass, this is ideal where water is scarce and also offers a saving; during warm weather compared to irregated lawns.

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  • Palmerston (40mm)

    Palmerston (40mm)

    Very little maintenance once the grass is installed proves particularly useful if maintenance isn't possible or practical.

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  • Wellington (40mm)

    Wellington (40mm)

    All of our grades are extreamly durable, and ideal in areas of heavy usage, like walkways and steps.

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"Found Ecoscape on google when I was looking for an alternative deck to wood. I built my new deck over a long weekend and couldn't be happier. The ease of construction, build quality and final look is outstanding. Definitely worth every penny; our garden is the envy of the neighbourhood"
Mark Johnson Hampshire