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Fire Rated Composites

Fire Rated Composite Solutions

Here at Ecoscape we understand that health and safety is of the utmost importance, and it is our aim to provide materials and systems that are capable of meeting the most stringent of regulations. Therefore, when developing our products the undergo comprehensive testing in order to meet Building Regulations and particularly the fire rating standards

Transparency with our customers is key. We understand that for some applications certain regulations are not required and cost effectiveness is key. This is why we offer both Class B rated and non-rated products. Where possible, we always share the safety standards information regarding our systems.

What are Building Regulations?

Building regulations are developed by the government, and approved by Parliament. They apply to almost every building, and relate to the minimum standards your building must adhere to for construction, design, and alterations. The standards ensure the building’s safety, and cover a broad section of requirements, such as access, structure, and fire safety.

How do the regulations ensure fire safety?

Of course, it is imperative to consider the potential impact of fire on your building. Building Regulations dictate the degree of fire resistance that must be met by each element of your building’s structure; the British Standard 476 ‘dictates the appropriate fire tests for these elements of structure/materials’, and therefore ‘grades the level of fire resistance’. BS476 is composed of a comprehensive list of stringent current fire safety standards. – (BS EN 13501-1:2018 Fire classification of construction products and building elements. Classification using data from reaction to fire tests.)

What is BS EN 13501-1:2018?

BS EN 13501-1:2018 is the classification procedure for all construction products, including products incorporated within building elements reaction to fire testing.