Composite Decking vs Timber Decking

Discover the advantages of our ethically-sourced and manufactured composite decking vs timber decking solutions.


Toxic-free & Environmentally Friendly Decking

At Ecoscape UK, we pride ourselves on our environmentally innovative decking solutions. Our composite decking boards (WPC) consist of a mixture of ethically sourced and FSC Certified wood fibres from reclaimed materials, high density recycled plastics, high-quality colour pigment and bonding agents. Our decking boards contain zero PVC and are free from any toxic ingredients that could affect your outside area.


A Low Maintenance & Long-Lasting Solution

When compared to traditional timber decking, composite decking requires very little maintenance! Timber decking usually lasts a maximum of 10 years. However, our Clarity collection has a 20-year warranty, and our premium Forma collection boasts a 25-year warranty, so you can be sure you’re investing in a long-lasting product that will look great year after year. Unlike timber decking, there is no need to paint, sand or seal a composite deck. A light jet wash once a year or a brush and hose down every few months is enough to keep your composite decking at it’s best.


Robust & Weather-Resistant

Ecoscape composite decking is designed to be robust, durable and weather-resistant and will not rot, warp or splinter when exposed to the elements, As a manufactured decking solution, our composite decking boards are free from any knots, twists, splits and cracks often encountered by traditional timber decking. Composite decking naturally absorbs less moisture than timber decking, resulting in a strong resistance to decolouration, mould and warping. Our products high-friction anti-slip qualities also makes composite decking an ideal solution for both domestic and commercial customers.

Its hardwearing surface can withstand heavy use and the weight and movement of decking furniture. When compared to timber decking, our composite boards will not splinter, making it a child and pet-friendly solution in all seasons.


A Range of Attractive Colours and Innovative Design

As mentioned, in comparison to timber decking boards, our composite decking solutions do not require any painting and a readily in a range of attractive colours, whether you’re looking for black composite decking boards, grey composite decking boards, wood effect composite decking boards and more.

Our affordable and 95% recycled Clarity decking collection offers Ecoscape UK customers a choice of five colours including Charcoal, Walnut and Ash. Dual-surface boards mean you’ll also have the choice of narrow or wide grooves generating clean lines, and the option to combine the two finishes for a unique, and innovative outdoor design.

The premium Forma range offers domestic and commercial customers a range of seven attractive colours to choose from including Midnight, Silver Birch, Spiced Oak and Havana. Our Forma collection also boasts a dual-surface finish with a wide groove on one side and a wood grain aesthetic on the other. These composite decking boards are ideal for creating a stunning and natural-looking aesthetic appeal of timber decking, without the drawbacks!


Anti-Stain Technology & Colour Resistance

Composite decking will retain its attractive colour and look stylish year after year. The materials used in our Ecoscape UK composites contain less lignin, which contributes to the discolouring over time, than traditional wood or timber decking. This results in composite decking having a much higher natural resistance to the ‘greying’ process caused by UV light exposure. Independent testing showed our Forma range of composite decking possesses outstanding colour stability when compared to timber decking and other WPC decking solutions.

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