Forma Composite Deck Boards

Engineered to provide unbeatable durability our Forma composite deck boards boasts an attractive multi-toned surface perfectly mimicking natural timber.

  • Industry Forma Composite Decking

    Industry Forma Composite Decking

    Create a bold, sophisticated design using the deep, dark colours and twisting grain of Industry.

    Board size: 150mm x 25mm Profile
    Available in 2900mm and bespoke lengths up to 5.8m lengths

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  • Havana Forma Composite Decking

    Havana Forma Composite Decking

    Inspired by the colourful capital of Cuba's earthy brown cigars and dark rum.

    Board size: 150mm x 2900mm x 25mm

    Board size: 150mm x 3600mm x 25mm 

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  • Spiced Oak Forma Composite Decking

    Spiced Oak Forma Composite Decking

    Russet and gold tones create a rich and inviting decking area.

    Board size: 150mm x 2900mm x 25mm

    Board size: 150mm x 3600mm x 25mm

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  • Silver Birch Forma Composite Decking

    Silver Birch Forma Composite Decking

    Silver birch is made up of multitonal muted metallics and subtle ashen browns

    Board size: 150mm x 2900mm x 25mm
    Coverage: 2.23 per m2 when installed

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  • Flint Forma Composite Decking

    Flint Forma Composite Decking

    Cool, grey tones create a subtle radiance, ideal for strong, contemporary schemes.

    Board size: 150mm x 2900mm x 25mm

    Coverage: 2.23 per m2 when installed

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  • Argent Forma Composite Decking

    Argent Forma Composite Decking

    Harsh mix of dark blue and greys diffuse to create a contemporary eye catching multitonal surface

    Board size: 150mm x 2900mm x 25mm

    Board size: 150mm x 3600mm x 25mm 

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Forma Composite Decking System

Forma composite Deck Boards are available in six broad colours, carefully designed and considered for the UK market. The spectrum of colours are Argent, Flint, Silver Birch, Spiced Oak, Havana and Industry.

Why Choose Our Composite Deck Boards?

The versatility of the composite deck boards are apparent through the dual surface which can be laid either way up to reveal a natural wood grain or wide groove when over turned. This dual surface also allows you to create interest and unique features such a as contrasting picture fames and detail within your deck when mixing the use of sides. Mixing two alternative decking board surfaces is an easy way to create variation within decks and bring appeal to otherwise uninteresting spaces.

At Ecoscape we are so confident in the design and quality of our product, we provide customers with a full sample pack on request. This way you are able to see and feel our composite deck boards for yourself. If you request a Forma sample pack you will receive all 6 decking colours and a useful information sheet outlining why you should choose our product. Should you only be interested in a few colours request this and we will be able to send out bigger pieces making it slightly easier to visualise your potential project.

This second generation of composite decking is specifically engineered through a dual molding process to yield a board that has unbeatable durability. 

Ideally suited to high traffic or commercial situations, this composite deck board range offer clients a huge breakthrough in the maintenance free garden sector and are available at cost efficient price. 

Composite decking holds many benefits over traditional timber or 100% plastic decking, however the Forma range is even better still being completely UV colour stable, remaining consistent in colour for the 25 year guaranteed period. Hard wearing so ideal Ideal for high traffic areas with heavy furniture without marking but also stain resistant so no need to worry about oily barbecues or other substances that stain timber.

Using the same dimension profile as our existing clarity range, it is just as simple to install. We have a screw free finish using our t-clip fixing system with creates uniform spacing between each board to allow for expansion and contraction. 

Forma Composite Trim 150mm x 10mm x 2900mm

The Forma composite deck board range features a solid flat trim option 150mm x 10mm x 2900mm. This simplistic board is used to edge off the rise in steps or any unsightly exposed edges that would otherwise show the side profile of the board. Secured using our specialist colour coded stainless steel finishing screws this leaves a seamless finish to any project.

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"We purchased composite decking from Ecoscape for our back garden transformation and were absolutely delighted at the quality of the product. Highly recommended"
Andrew Blackmore Cheshire