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Our patent designed composite fencing range is available in five colours.

Cedar Coloured Fence Slats

All our cedar panels are made from a wood-plastic composite (WPC), which is a combination of hardwood sawdust and recycled plastic. The timber used is generally from furniture and joinery shops – which is all FSC certified. The HDPE plastic comes from used milk/water plastic bottles that are cleaned up and turned to pellet form – creating a product that is 95% recycled. 


WPC has many benefits in comparison to traditional timber and cedar fencing. The WPC panels do not require sanding, oiling or painting, and maintain a newer look for much longer. 


WPC lasts up to twice as long as traditional fencing and is cheaper to replace should it be damaged. It is also highly resistant to rot, corrosion and decay.


WPC also has good resistance to UV rays, so it will not change colour or fade the same way traditional timber fencing.

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    Larch, Cedar & Walnut Coloured Slats

    We appreciate it can be difficult to visualise how your project may look with a complete change of material/colour scheme. We have a strong sense of design and aesthetics and believe our products can drastically improve any space. Take a look at our inspiration gallery showcasing projects that use Ecoscape composite fencing.

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    Our composite fencing boards provide customers with a stylish, durable and affordable fencing option ideal for both residential and commercial properties. The modular boards are easy to assemble. Please view our video to see how everything works.

    Composite Fencing Inspiration

    We appreciate it can be difficult to visualise how your project may look with a complete change of material/colour scheme. We have a strong sense of design and aesthetics and believe our products can drastically improve any space. Take a look at our inspiration gallery showcasing projects that use Ecoscape composite fencing.

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    Cedar Slatting Information

    Frequently Asked Questions About Our Composite Decking

    What is Composite Decking?

    Composite deck boards (also known as WPC decking) are a building material made using a mixture of wood fibres, reclaimed plastics and binding agents. The combination of ingredients produces an incredibly low-maintenance and more durable alternative than wood decking.

    The options available on our website also come with extended warranties of 20 years or more, depending on your purchase range. We can offer this guarantee, in part, because composite decking has higher protection against British elements such as rain and UV ray damage.

    What is Clarity Composite Decking?

    Our Clarity Collection offers customers an affordable range of decking collections with a choice of five colours:

    A high friction anti-slip surface means this decking is appropriate for commercial applications as well as domestic. The dual-surface boards also offer customers the choice of narrow or wide grooves that do not warp, crack or splinter so you can be sure your decking is both child and pet-friendly. Unlike traditional wood decking that requires regular maintenance and has a short lifespan of around ten years, all composite decking from the Clarity collection is designed to last and has a 20-year warranty.

    What is Forma Composite Decking?

    The Forma Collection offers Ecoscape UK customers a premium range of deck boards with a choice of seven colours:

    The dual-surface boards offer customers a choice of traditional wood grain appearance or a wide contemporary groove. Outstanding stain resistance and colour stability mean that a yearly jet wash or light brush and hose of the decking is all that is required to maintain it's stylish look all year round.

    For peace of mind and quality assurance, all products from the Forma collection has a 25-year warranty.

    What is the Lifespan of Composite Decking?

    As award-winning suppliers, all of our composite deck boards at Ecoscape UK have a lifespan of at least twenty years. In comparison, traditional timber wood decking has a lifespan of around ten years and requires a lot of maintenance to maintain its original colour and avoid the wood from warping, rotting or causing splinters.

    Our Clarity Collection has a 20-year warranty for customers, and our premium Forma Collection has a 25-year warranty, so you can have peace of mind when purchasing our high-quality composite decking. All boards available online at Ecoscape UK require very little maintenance due to their robust design, anti-stain technology and weather-resistant qualities.

    With both our Forma and Clarity collections, there is no need to paint, stain or seal the deck boards compared to traditional timber or wood deck boards. Customers can expect to improve their composite decking's expected life span by ensuring the surface is jet washed or brushed and hosed at least once a year. Although all of our products boast anti-stain technology and have improved colour stability compared to other decking materials, you may need to remove visible surface dirt more often if you choose a lighter coloured decking, such as Ash or Silver Birch. A little care is all that is needed to ensure your decking looks its best all year round.

    Which Composite Decking is Best For Me?

    The two composite decking ranges available on our website are ideal for most properties throughout the UK, although there are some subtle differences. Our Clarity decking does not require much work to maintain, has great stain resistance and excels as an anti-slip board. Our Forma boards are also easy to maintain, have improved stain resistance and has been designed to have higher protection against UV rays which is why we offer a 25 warranty. Should you wish to know more about our high-quality composite ranges, please contact us directly on 0845 9011 988.

    Why Choose Our Composite Decking?

    There are many benefits to choosing wood plastic composite products from Ecoscape! Here's just a handful of the many reasons to select decking from Ecoscape:

    ·       Easy to maintain – No need to paint, stain or seal
    ·       FSC® Certified
    ·       Our decking will not rot, warp or splinter
    ·       Smooth-to-the-touch, non-slip surface
    ·       Simple installation system with invisible fixings
    ·       Natural aesthetic without any drawbacks associated with timber
    ·       Extensive 20-year warranty on ‘Clarity’ and 25-year warranty on ‘Forma’
    ·       2-5 working day delivery
    ·       Ethically sourced recycled materials

    Our boards have been independently tested to BS 7976-2:2002 and are proven to be non-slip in both wet and dry conditions. This certification makes Clarity decking a perfect solution for garden renovation, patios or garden terraces, and commercial applications such as schools, hotels, restaurants, and offices.

    Should you have any questions regarding our Clarity or Forma composites that you cannot find answers to here on our website, wish to obtain a free quote or sample pack or would like to visit our showroom, please contact us today on 0845 9011 988.

    Can You Pressure Wash Composite Decking?

    As award-winning suppliers, we specialise in providing long-lasting and weather-resistant composite decking solutions that require very little maintenance. To get the most out of your deck's appearance and expect an even longer lifespan than our 20+ year warranty promises, you may want to incorporate cleaning the deck every few months into your regular maintenance routine.

    There are several ways to clean your outdoor area, but you may be wondering whether you can pressure wash composite decking? At Ecoscape UK, we do not recommend pressure washing your composite decking as it can often cause damage and further issues if done incorrectly. Pressure washing involves using a high-pressure water spray to remove dirt, grime, stains and mould. However, as composite decking is softer than traditional wood decking, it can become 'etched' if the pressure washer is too powerful or held too close to the decking. The composite materials are then open and vulnerable to being chipped or sun-damaged. The reclaimed plastic materials can also become mould stained if exposed to the elements after pressure washing. When maintained correctly and with care, composite decking is a very low maintenance option that, unlike traditional timber decking, will not need to be painted, stained, sealed or sanded. Outstanding anti-stain technology and colour stability mean that a less-powerful jet wash or a light brush and hose of the composite decking is all that's needed to remove any surface dirt and remain attractive year after year.

    Rather than using a pressure washer, we recommend spraying your composite deck with a hose first to remove any surface dirt and debris. Then, scrub each composite decking board using some warm, soapy water and a soft-bristle brush. Rinse the deck thoroughly and dry any remaining dirty water to avoid creating a film on the deck surface. If you must pressure wash your decking, try to keep it at the lowest pressure possible, less than 3100 psi, and hold it no closer than 8″ from the deck surface.

    Do I Need to Treat my Composite Decking?

    At Ecoscape UK, we supply weather-resistant and low-maintenance composite decking that does not require treating, sealing, staining or sanding! As the decking is made of hardwood fibres from reclaimed materials, recycled plastics, high-quality colour pigment, and bonding agents. The co-extrusion manufacturing process creates a hard and weather-resistant synthetic decking board with all the aesthetic qualities of real wood decking but with a lifespan of at least 20 years. Although composite decking can remain to look great with very little effort, a small bit of maintenance can go a long way to ensure you make the most of your attractive composite deck boards.

    Can you treat composite decking?

    One of the many benefits of purchasing composite decking from Ecoscape UK is that it does not require any treatment as it is less porous than traditional wood timber decking. Treatment for wood decking is necessary to avoid the surface becoming too slippery, especially after it has been raining, but our composite deck boards boast anti-slip qualities without the need to be regularly sealed throughout the seasons. You also won't need to worry about the board splintering and cracking under damage or warping due to moisture or heat. It is, of course, your choice whether you choose to treat your composite decking and use a water-based sealer, but it is not necessary to keep it weather-resistant and clean.

    Will Composite Decking Rot?

    Being a particular mixture of recycled materials, such as wood and plastic, automatically merits composite decking with a high level of protection that isn't naturally present in timber decking. When you think of what your decking is up against, you can see how wooden decking is vulnerable to the effects of rain, snow, frost, heat, pests and insects, and this isn't even mentioning wear and tear. By the time your decking has been up for a few months, if the protective treatment hasn't been maintained, then rot or mould could become a serious risk to your precious wood. You don't have this problem with Ecoscape decking boards. Our decking is engineered to provide maximum protection against the risks of rot without losing any of its aesthetic impacts. Both Clarity and Forma are made from 55% reclaimed hardwood fibres and 45% high-density polyethene. For context, polyethene is used for plastic milk bottles. The added benefit too, for our environmentally conscience customers, is that rather than the used bottles clogging up landfill for hundreds of years, we're putting that sturdy plastic to fantastic use by mixing it with wood fibres and letting it protect them from the deterioration you'll find in natural wood alone.

    Can Composite Decking Be Scratched Easily?

    As with any product which is subjected foot traffic, there will always be an element of risk of damage. Ecospace composite decking includes 20-year and 25-year guarantees to reassure you that your decking is going to be around for a while. In terms of scratching or surface damage, the structure of composite decking is so much more robust than timber that it will continue to keep looking good, way after the footfall on timber decking has taken its toll. As we mentioned before, the plastic which is incorporated into Ecoscape decking is the same plastic used in plastic milk bottles – polyethene. If you've dropped the milk as often we have (workmen like plenty of cuppas, you know!), you'll know it's a tough plastic worthy of the job it's used for, which is why that particular type is our plastic of choice. With our composite decking, there'll be no spilt milk to cry over OR scratches on your beautiful decking.

    Will Composite Decking Fade?

    There are so many types of timber that it's essential that you factor in the maintenance you will need to undertake when you decide which wood you are going to use. Many people decide that if they are going to be treating their timber regularly, they can choose colours that they like rather than the standard 'wood' colours we used to be limited to. And to give credit where it's due – brand new timber decking, which is fresh painted, looks fantastic for a while. The downside to painted timber is that it isn't long before the elements start to do their damage – the main one is fading.

    The perks of using composite decking are that not only are you spared the mammoth task of painting and treating your decking in the first place, but the colour that you have opted for stays that colour. For much, much longer!

    Colour is stable with composite decking in a way that you couldn't replicate with timber. The Forma and Clarity ranges have 12 shades between them and is treated with UV protection as standard. This treatment means that they all retain their colour well, but with the darker shades like charcoal or midnight, your Ecoscape decking will retain its colour beautifully, year in, year out.

    Will Composite Decking Warp?

    As instant and straightforward as it is to install, erecting decking isn't a matter of just popping a few boards straight onto the ground. You will need to build a structure to support it consisting of joists and supports, which is all well and good until any of it starts to warp. As we've just discussed, decking is continually exposed to moisture damp, heat, rain and frost.

    If not appropriately protected, these ongoing temperature changes and moisture differences will warp natural timber. Another of the main benefits of composite decking is that it does not have the same warp risks as timber. With it being half plastic, it is engineered in a way that protects against the rot we have already mentioned and will also protect it from warping under the various changes your decking is exposed to. Many of Ecoscape's decking installations are designed to offer stunning results. Maybe you have used a herringbone design with different colours? Perhaps you have an expanse of decking where the uniformity of straight lines and unusual angles are designed to make a statement against the natural elements of your garden foliage. Either way, you'd lose a significant amount of the wow factor of your gorgeously angular decking was a bit warped, not to mention what it does to the structure of the decking too.

    Does Composite Decking Burn?

    The earlier designs of composite decking were notorious for getting hotter than timber in the summer. Our UK weather doesn't provide that much sunshine as a rule, but you want to make sure that you can enjoy our limited rays to the maximum by chilling on your decking, not cooking! Some cheaper composite deck boards still have this problem, but when dealing with high-quality composite boards like ours here at Ecoscape, you don't have such a problem with it. However, we do need to be realistic – even though Ecoscape boards will not get as hot as timber or cheaper alternatives, with the best will in the world, any dark material in direct sunlight will absorb some of that heat.

    This is where the expertise of our team will come into play. If we do think there may be an issue – for instance, that putting charcoal decking boards in a particularly sunny spot may not be the best move – one benefit we can take advantage of is the range of colours that we have. This allows us to be versatile with the colours we recommend – many of our clients choose to design areas of their decking following how you would use it and where the decking is positioned. Choosing an Ash colour for extra sunny spots is often the perfect solution. Unlike stained timber boards, you can mix and match your colours without factoring in the logistics of painting boards with different colours every time they need treating.

    What Should I choose, Hollow or Solid Composite decking?

    We can produce both hollow and solid composite deck boards yet have opted for hollow. This is because our boards have specially-engineered arched cavities resulting in a length that is 30% lighter than comparable solid decking and provides high strength and stiffness for high-performance applications. 'Art, and nature, even more, make use of these in thousands of operations in which robustness is increased without adding weight, as is seen in the bones of birds and in many stalks that are light and very resistant to bending and breaking' - Galileo Galilei on the resistance of hollow solids (1638). Our composites achieve a greater strength-to-weight ratio, ensuring no drooping or bounce, so boards feel solid underfoot as well as having a great look.

    Honeycomb Stability

    Unlike some solid decking, hollow decking materials do not warp. The manufactured stabilising core mimics a honeycomb, producing a stiffness not achieved by many solid boards. Honeycomb composites are used widely in many industries, from aerospace industries to packaging and logistics.

    What are Ecoscape UK Composites Made Up of?

    Our composites are 55% hardwood fibres (ethically sourced from reclaimed materials) and 45% high-density polyethene (the plastic typically attained from plastic milk bottles). Other ingredients include high-quality colour pigment and bonding agents. This results in a product with all the workable wood qualities whilst gaining the durability of synthetic materials that require far less maintenance and has a much longer life span than timber decking.

    What are the Main Advantages Compared to Real Wood Decking?

    Our composite decking is environmentally innovative and manufactured from recycled material. Ecoscape materials contain no PVC and free from toxic ingredients that would normally leak out into your garden or terrace.

    Ecoscape decking is a low maintenance option for your home. There is no need for treatments such as painting, sanding, sealing etc. Just a yearly clean is recommended, either with a jet wash or light brush and hose, meaning the maintenance of your composite decking can easily fall in-line with yearly maintenance around the rest of your house and property.

    Water Resistant, Hardwearing Surface Ecoscape decking has a water-resistant high-friction anti-slip surface making it a safe platform in both wet and dry conditions. The natural low moisture absorption means that it has a high resistance to decolouration, mould and especially warping. As it is a manufactured board free from knots, twisting, splits and cracks usually encountered with timber decking. Our splinter-free surface makes the deck comfortable for bare feet and safe for small children. Also, the deck is hardwearing; it can withstand heels, weight and moving of decking furniture and patio heaters.

    Retaining colour

    Unlike wood, the material used in Ecoscape composites contains less lignin, which is the component of wood that contributes to greying over time. This gives the composite material a much higher natural resistance to the "greying" process caused by ultraviolet light exposure.

    Will the Colour of Ecoscape UK Composites Fade?

    Independent testing has shown that Ecoscape UK composites have significantly better colour stability than timber decking products and most comparable WPC decking products. Over time some fading may occur: this can be partially reversed with regular pressure hose cleaning.

    Will the Colour of Ecoscape UK Composites Fade?

    Independent testing has shown that Ecoscape UK composites have a significantly better colour stability than timer decking products and most comparable WPC decking products. Over time some fading may occur: this can be partially reversed with regular pressure hose cleaning.

    Does Composite Decking Get Hot?

    Like most surfaces and outdoor materials, composite decking will get hot if constantly exposed to direct sunlight. However, at Ecoscape UK, we pride ourselves on our wood decking alternatives and continue to develop composite decking solutions that are ethically-sourced, can withstand UV ray damage and benefit from reduced heat build-up.


    Sunlight Exposure

    As mentioned, all outdoor materials can get hot in direct sunlight, but unlike traditional timber wood decking, our composite deck boards will not warp, crack or splinter! If your composite deck is a little too hot to the touch during the summer months, this may especially concern customers with pets and children; then you may consider creating some shade as a solution. Adding a canopy, adding some large plants, or adding a parasol can help minimise the amount of exposure to direct sunlight. Outdoor rugs can also help protect your bare feet from the hot surface and be a stylish addition to your decking area.

    Composite Decking Colour & Density

    When exposed to direct sunlight, the composite's colour and density are likely to be the most important factor in reducing heat build-up and stopping the decking from getting too hot. If you're concerned about your composite decking getting hot in the direct sunlight, we recommend choosing a lighter coloured decking board. Look at our lighter coloured grey composite decking boards and natural, wood-effect decking boards. All of our available composite decking boards in the Forma and Clarity collection boast a hollow-core profile with specially-engineered arched cavities and are 30% lighter when compared to solid wood decking. This design is ideal for avoiding heat-build up and risking the composite decking becoming too hot as the lighter the boards are in terms of weight and mass, and colour, the less it can retain heat.

    How Does Ecoscape UK Composite Decking React To Changes in Temperature?

    Like all wood-plastic composites, the Ecoscape composite decking collection can expand and contract with temperature changes. Assuming the deck temperature may increase by as much as 30 degrees, we recommend leaving 3mm expansion gaps between composite decking boards when installing. If the deck is installed on a hot day, shrinkage can later occur, so smaller gaps should be left between the boards. Smaller gaps should also be left when installing shorter decking boards. Our Ecoscape T-Clips allows for thermal expansion and contraction without buckling and can help to ensure your composite decking is installed correctly and without issues all year round.

    What sizes are our Composite Decking Boards Available in?

    Both our 'Clarity' and 'Forma' ranges of composite decking boards are available in lengths of 2.9 meters (2,900mm) and 4.8 meters (4,800mm).


    Clarity Composite Decking

    Our slip-resistant Clarity Composite Decking Boards are available in two lengths, both of which are the same width and thickness. This range also comes with a 20-year warranty guarantee. Length: 2.9 meters (2,900mm) or 4.8 meters (4,800mm) Width: 150mm Thickness: 25mm Warranty: 20 years

    Forma Composite Decking

    Our Forma Composite Decking Boards are available in two lengths: the same width and thickness. The Forma range is also UV stable and is backed with a 25-year warranty. Length: 2.9 meters (2,900mm) or 4.8 meters (4,800mm) Width: 150mm Thickness: 25mm Warranty: 25 years

    Will Adding A Composite Deck Increase Your Home's Value?

    When it comes to selling your home, 'garden appeal' is very important, especially in cities and residential areas where outdoor space is limited but will adding composite decking increase your home's value?

     Although it can not be determined by exactly how much a deck area will increase your home's value, estate agents and property experts agree that having an attractive outdoor space has a positive effect on the potential buyer's perception of your home. In some cases, a nice landscaped garden has increased the home's value by up to 20%!


    Investing some time and money into your garden will likely result in your home being worth more than others with less developed outdoor areas. It can also be important to demonstrate to potential buyers viewing your home how to best utilise the space for relaxing and entertaining. This can be achieved by adding composite decking with outdoor furniture as it's much easier to decide to buy a home if you can imagine yourself there relaxing in the summer sun!


    When installed in the right location, composite decking areas provide a place to relax in the winter months too. You can help potential buyers to imagine themselves using the garden all year round by including some outdoor lighting and heaters or even a purpose-built log burner. 


    Adding a deck to the back of your property can also be a great way to transition from inside the home to the outdoor space, and when combined with large patio doors, it can add some extra appeal to your property by bringing the home outside and vice versa. This sense of maximising space and making the most out of your outdoor area should give your home massive appeal to potential buyers and increase your home's value.