Our products are 55% FSC Certified hardwood fibres (ethically sourced from reclaimed materials) and 45% high-density polyethylene (typically attained from recycled plastic milk bottles). Other ingredients include high-quality colour pigment and bonding agents. Producing a product with all the workable qualities of wood whilst gaining the durability of synthetic materials that requires far less maintenance and has a much longer life span than timber decking.

Our Forma products have the same 55:45 ratio in the core material, however, there is an additional outer layer made up of 90% recycled HDPE 10% FSC certified wood fibres. This designed to bring additional durability to the product and brings benefits such as scratch and stain resistance.
Environmentally innovative
Manufactured from recycled material, Ecoscape decking contains no PVC and so is free from toxic ingredients that would normally leak out into your garden or terrace.

Easy to maintain
Ecoscape decking is a low maintenance product. There is no need for treatments such as painting, sanding, sealing etc. Just a yearly clean is recommended, either with a jet wash or light brush and hose.

Unique surface
Ecoscape Clarity decking has a high-friction anti-slip surface making it a safe platform, in both wet and dry conditions to British Standards is considered a slip-resistant surface. The natural low moisture absorption means that it has a high resistance to staining, mould and especially warping.

As it is a manufactured board, it is free from knots, twisting, splits and cracks usually encountered with timber decking. Our splinter-free surface makes deck comfortable for bare feet and safe for small children. Also, the deck is hardwearing, it can withstand heels, weight and moving of decking furniture and patio heaters.

Retaining colour
Unlike timber, Ecoscape Forma composites contain less lignin in the surface, which is the component of wood that contributes to greying over time. This gives the material a much higher natural resistance to the “greying” process caused by exposure to ultraviolet light.
No, our composites do not contain any harmful elements, in fact, all chemical elements are completely non-toxic to the environment. All our composites are fully recyclable.

The width of both Clarity and Forma Decking boards are 150mm and depth 25mm, with standard board lengths being 2.9m. Boards weigh 2.85kg per metre. We also provide lengths of 4.8m in Clarity, and 3.6m in Forma. Our hollow structure design means that Ecoscape Decking is lighter than many competitive solid WPC decks.

The width of Forma cladding boards is 142mm and depth 13mm, with standard board lengths being 2.4m and 3.6m. Boards weigh 2.25kg per metre.
Independent testing has shown that Ecoscape UK composites have significantly better colour stability than timer decking products with UV exposure. Forma decking boards are warrantied for resistance against UV light. Over time Clarity composite decking boards are subject to colour change with exposure to UV. Lighter colours in the Clarity are subject to more drastic colour change than darker colours.
Like all wood-plastic composite products, Ecoscape Composites will expand and contact consistently with changes in temperature.

Points to remember for our decking are;
The general recommendation is 2-3mm expansion gaps for decking boards is based on the assumption that after installation, the deck temperature may increase by as much as 30 degrees.
If the deck is built on a hot day, the main movement will be shrinkage, and smaller gaps should be left
Smaller gaps may be left for shorter pieces

Be sure to use Ecoscape T-Clips which allow for thermal expansion and contraction without buckling.