What is Composite Decking Made of?

All composite decking is made of a combination of wood fibres and plastic that together create a robust and durable decking material. It is also often referred to as wood polymer composite decking (WPC decking), recycled decking, plastic composite decking, or synthetic decking. At Ecoscape UK, our attractive composite decking boards are made of 55% hardwood fibres from reclaimed materials and 45% high-density recycled polyethylene, a plastic mostly obtained from plastic milk bottles.


As well as being made from ethically sourced materials, our composite decking boards are environmentally friendly containing no PVC or toxic materials that could leak into your garden or outdoor area. Other elements of our composite decking include high-quality colour pigment and bonding agents. When combined, the finished product possesses all of the workable qualities of wood with the robust durability of synthetic materials resulting in a 20 year plus life span.


All of our composite decking is FSC Certified too, meaning that the manufacturing process and the wood used to make the boards meet the requirements of the Forest Stewardship Council.


How are Composite Decking Boards made?

Composite decking is made by combining all of the raw materials and then putting them through an extruder which melts the mixture and pushes it through a ‘die’ to form the board’s shape. This process is known as co-extrusion and can be taken further by capping a composite polypropylene shell around the board to ensure a long-lasting decking material. Our composite decking boards require minimum maintenance and have plenty of advantages when compared to timber wood decking as it doesn’t require any painting, sealing or staining and will not rot, warp or splinter due to the elements.


Also, for improved colour stability, the composite material that makes our Ecoscape WPC decking contains less lignin than wood. This is the component that contributes to wood products greying over time due to UV exposure, meaning our composite decking materials boasts a strong natural resistance to the ‘greying’ process and can continue to look great year after year.


High-Quality Composite Decking

Are you looking for a stylish and long-lasting composite decking solution? Shop for weather-resistant and ethically-sourced composite decking boards from award-winning suppliers Ecoscape UK. In comparison to timber decking, our sustainable composite decking boards boast a life span of 20 years plus and require very little maintenance to stay looking great all year round! In fact, a light brush and hose down is all that’s needed to remove any surface dirt. Our resistant and eco-friendly composite decking is available from just £16.16, and comes in a range of length options (2.9m, 3m & 4.8m) and twelve attractive colours!

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How Much Does a Composite Deck Cost?

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