Versatile Products for every aspect of your Garden

Here at Ecoscape we want you to get the best out of the garden and ensure that it reaches its full potential that’s why we stock a whole host of products to enhance your garden and turn it into a truly great place to relax during those long summer nights.

Having your garden reach its full potential means that you can extend the use of your home with a landscaped garden adding an extra room to your house which can only mean more value.

We sell a number of products from our exceptional composite decking range.  Available in five colours and is dual surfaced; one side being a one-inch groove and the other side being a quarter-inch groove, meaning our composite is a truly versatile product being able to create a number of different styles for your garden.

Why not mix it up and lay your deck with the one inch and quarter inch side by side. For our decking range, we also provide an additional service of installation local to the North West and Greater Manchester area. Our installation teams have carried out a number of jobs in and around the following areas Manchester, Bury Oldham, Rochdale, Wigan, Leigh, Worsley, Bolton, Ramsbottom.

Complementing our composite decking range is our balustrade range which adds a whole new dimension to your garden enclosing your space and making it a great addition to your garden. Balustrade systems are a great way to section off your garden into individual spaces with a balustrade system surrounding your deck and the rest of the garden flowing freely. Ecoscape balustrade systems come in five styles.

A composite system which is one of our best selling lines the composite system utilises composite newell posts with a chunky handrail and spindles finished off with composite post caps the composite balustrade system is one of our most versatile ranges featured in all five colours it complements our composite decking line.

There are also a number of glass-based balustrade systems available firstly the glass u channel frameless system an uber-cool design featuring stainless steel u channel available in three-metre lengths this system is truly the flagship of the balustrade system range.

The U-channel is frameless and can be featured with or without stainless steel handrail. Glass is available in a number of sizes from 10mm through to 21.5mm laminated toughened and polished all round. Another great and cost-effective glass system is a glass system which utilises Ecoscape composite posts with glass fitted in between and clamped together using stainless steel clamps a standard newell at 2.4m is cut in half to fit the glass in between.

Finally, there is the spigot and stainless steel upright systems the spigot system is screwed onto the deck with each individual spigot able to hold glass sizes of 1.5m the spigot system is one of our most modern designs with just the simplicity of glass clamped to the bottom of the deck using a spigot. Last but not least the there is the stainless steel upright system which can be utilised for either wire or glass.

Lighting is also another key aspect to bear in mind when designing your garden. Good lighting can make a space look great with inadequate lighting making a space look dull and uninviting.

Here at Ecoscape we stock range of lighting to make your garden truly shine and become an inviting place. A great lighting system is the L.E.D. spotlight system available in packs of 10 the L.E.D. is a great product. All in all, as you can see for a full garden makeover solution Ecoscape is the place to provide all your needs. Ecoscape supply nationwide so don’t delay give us a call today 0845 9011 988.

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