The Pros and Cons of Composite Decking

Are you looking for a way to transform your outside space? Whether you’re creating a space to relax with family and friends in your garden, or you’re making an outdoor area for a busy commercial premise, take a look at these pros and cons of composite decking and discover your ideal decking solution.


The Pros of Composite Decking


Attractive & Ethically-Sourced

  • Plethora of styles
  • Environmentally friendly
  • 20 year life span

Available in a wide range of styles and attractive colours, composite decking offers customers an ethically-sourced and aesthetically appealing outdoor decking solution. At Ecoscape UK, our sustainable composite decking boards (WPC) contain no toxic materials. Our composites consist of 55% hardwood fibres ethically sourced from reclaimed materials, 45% high density recycled plastics, high-quality colour pigment and bonding agents. When compared to timber decking, our composite decking boards require very little maintenance and boast a life span of 20 years plus. Dual-surface means that customers can also choose a narrow or contemporary wide groove, or even a traditional wood grain appearance and benefit from the attractive look of timber decking without the cons.


Weather-Resistant with Anti-Slip Qualities

  • Durable
  • Weather resistant
  • Anti slip

Designed to be robust and durable, composite decking is ideal for both domestic and commercial application and, as mentioned, requires very little maintenance to maintain its appearance other than a yearly jet wash. A major pro to purchasing composite decking boards from Ecoscape UK is that they are weather-resistant and can be used all year round. Unlike timber decking, our composite decks will not rot, warp or splinter and are free from knots and cracks, making them both child and pet friendly.

It’s outstanding high friction anti-slip qualities, tried and tested in wet and dry conditions to British Standard BS 7976, also means our weather-resistant composite decking is perfect for domestic and commercial customers looking for a way to transform their outdoor space.


Anti-Stain Technology & Colour Stability

  • Long lasting
  • Colour retention
  • Anti stain

Another pro of composite decking is that it continues to look great over the years and retain its colour. Independent testing shows that Ecoscape UK’s Forma range of composite decking boasts better colour stability than timber decking and many other WPC solutions. Composite decking also possesses anti-stain technology, and due to containing less lignin than wood has a much more effective natural resistance to the greying process caused by UV exposure.

So, if you’re looking for a long-lasting outdoor decking that maintains it’s stylish appearance with very little maintenance, then composite decking may be the ideal solution!


The Cons of Composite Decking

In all honesty, there are very few cons of composite decking, especially when you compare it to it’s timber counterpart! As mentioned, composite decking boards are robust, weather-resistant and have great colour stability. However, even though our composite decking boards are easy to maintain, some surface layer dirt can affect its appearance, especially if you choose a lighter colour. Composite decking can also be susceptible to some colour fading over time.

Unlike with wood decking though, dirt and fading can be partially reversed with very little effort! The simple process of pressure hose cleaning or jet washing every few months will ensure your composite decking continues to look great and has a long life span.

For some customers, composite decking may appear to be an expensive investment, however, at Ecoscape UK we offer high-quality composite decking boards from just £16.16 and work with you to create an affordable solution.

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