How To Maintain Your Composite Decking In Winter

In comparison with more traditional timber decking, our composite decking requires less maintenance, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor decking area throughout the four seasons, including the harsher winter months.

At Ecoscape, our extremely durable decking products require almost no maintenance other than a jet-wash as and when needed. However, there are still ways in which to further maintain your composite deck this winter and to ensure it lasts as long as possible and is still in great condition when the summer fun returns.


Grab the Broom

Before winter settles in and lays a white blanket of frost or snow across your garden and decking area, ensure that you have swept up the remains of autumn. Any debris such as fallen leaves, acorns and conkers should be swept away off the decking with a firm, outdoor broom taking extra care to clear the gaps between the boards.

This helps to avoid rain and snow collecting between the boards, freezing and then thawing, which could potentially cause damage.


Use a Plastic Shovel

If snow falls and you experience restricted access to your garden or need to cross the decking area to reach your home, then you may consider clearing the area of snow. To avoid damaging the composite decking boards, you should only use a plastic shovel as metal may scratch the outer shell of the composite.

The best technique is to push the snow parallel to the boards to reduce the risk of damaging the decking.


Add a Pinch of Salt

Our decking products are a strong alternative to natural timber, and our Forma composite decking boards use advanced co-extrusion technology to ensure external durability. If you want to remove a weight of snow or ice from your decking area, ensure you use suitable rock salt or calcium-chloride based product to melt it away. It’s usually recommended to avoid using sand if your deck is in regular use as walking on it could cause it to scratch the surface. 

Once done, sweep or ideally rinse away any remaining residue to avoid any corrosion or potential staining of the boards although this is unlikely with our stain resistance and colour stability technology.  


Make Use of your Decking Area this Winter

You may not associate the winter months with spending long-evenings outdoors, but with durable composite boards, you can make the most of your decking area all year round. Transform your garden into a winter wonderland and make your time outside as cosy as possible with a traditional raised log-burner and a range of blankets, throws and cushions for your outdoor furniture. You could even indulge in a winter BBQ!

Other heating alternatives include an electric heater which can prove a cost-effective option as they are cheap to use and can heat large spaces quite quickly. Gas heaters are considered easier to set up than electric but can be more expensive to run and not as effective at heating up fast.

If you plan to keep warm in real style, then a hot tub or garden jacuzzi could be the option for you. Relax in luxury this winter with a hot tub on the decking, remember to work out the practical aspects such as weight, size, positioning, and how to power it before making any investment.

To further maintain your composite decking and make sure you get the most out of dark, winter evenings you may consider installing outdoor lights. These can create a romantic, festive feel as well as improving visibility so you can spend longer outside.

It may also be a good idea to keep an outdoor, watertight storage box full of warm essentials such as gloves, hats and other extra layers, so you and your guests are prepared for the cold while enjoying a hot chocolate or mulled wine outside this winter.

A personal touch and a few preventative maintenance tasks this winter will ensure your composite decking will be in the best shape during the summer season.

At Ecoscape, our super low-maintenance and easy-to-install Clarity and Forma wood plastic composite (WPC) decking boards are available in twelve colours and come with a 25-year guarantee.  All of our boards consist of reclaimed timber, recycled HDPE and environmentally-stable bonding agents and dyes in a bid to be as sustainable as possible and are all FSC® Certified.

So, for a festive, low-maintenance and sustainable decking area this winter, contact Ecoscape UK at 08459011988 or email Alternatively, click here for a free commercial or domestic quote and we’ll aim to reply in a few hours depending on size and specification!

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