How To Choose Your Composite Decking Colour

You may have settled on your choice of composite decking for your garden but now it gets really interesting – what colour should you go for? It can seem a little daunting to choose the perfect colour as let’s face it, you’re going to be seeing it for quite a while given that we guarantee it for 20 and 25 years depending on which collection that you choose from.

Our homes and gardens are an extension of who we are so get the colour right and your decking will be a part of your home you’ll love – get it slightly wrong and it could become more of an irritation than a pleasure.

From the initial design through to the colour, our team are always on hand with our years of expertise to help you with your decisions, but here are a few pointers to think about where your composite decking colour choice is concerned:


To Contrast Or Compliment?

We mentioned your garden is an extension of you – take your decking colour inspiration from what you tend to enjoy having around you. Walkthrough your home – what are your leading colours? Your kitchen is a good starting point as this is often a room which took a lot of thought to bring together in a way that you enjoy. 

Create a unique two-tone decking project by creating a darker or lighter boarder.
Create a two-tone decking project fr something truly special.

Do you favour natural colours? Do you like particular themes such as country or contemporary? Are there dominant colours throughout your home which you’d like to continue out into the garden too. Many of our customers tend to lean towards a contrasting or a blended approach with their general decor choices.

Even looking at your clothing will indicate how you choose colours – maybe you’re a stark contrast person with a love for monochrome or opposing colours – this will all become clear with just a short exploration of your home and fabrics around you.


Location, Location, Location

This is where we need to give a little thought to where the composite decking will be located. If the decking will be located in a spot which is subjected to direct sunlight for lengthy periods of time, you may wish to opt for lighter shades due to how much heat will be absorbed by the boards. Contemporary styling tends to favour dark, modern lines which contrast against the garden, but charcoal or midnight will absorb lots of heat throughout the day and maybe less enjoyable for delicate bare feet than the lighter shades.

Our darker coloured decking boards are guaranteed to enhance the modern tone within your garden.
Darker boards create a vivid, contemporary aesthetic

Obviously you can minimise the effects of this if it’s still a colour you wish to opt for. Large sunshades and parasols or shade nets installed in well-used areas will protect how warm the decking gets, so don’t be disheartened – we can discuss this together in more detail knowing which factors we need to take into consideration. We just like you to know what helps to bear in mind to ensure nothing detracts from your enjoyment of your new decking. Some of the lighter shades such as Silver Birch or Ash are perfect for particularly sunny spots though keeping their cool even on the hottest of days.

Another consideration to bear in mind is what immediately surrounds the decking. For instance, a light coloured gravel surrounding the decking to contrast against a dark coloured decking will look stunning but is likely to regularly leave dust trails and footprints on your decking. 

Again, not a huge problem but will require some thought if you don’t wish to be constantly sweeping up. Unless you have particularly helpful grandchildren of course…


Part Of The Team

In the same way we suggested you draw inspiration from your home to research which colours you like, it is also useful to look at how the decking will tie in with your interior decor too.

Which room is next to the decking? More people are enjoying glass doors which can completely open out onto their garden. If it’s a kitchen or dining room opening out to the decking area, you can really play with what that does to the perspective you see from the home. For instance, a charcoal decking immediately outside a slate kitchen floor really extends the perception of space and ties it all together nicely as one continuous view.

The style choices within your home or the design of your house itself are likely to influence the colours you’ll opt for with your composite decking. If you have a contemporary preference, the grey tones and ash are very popular choices but a more traditional home may benefit from the warmer tones such as Autumn or Spiced Oak. It’s entirely a matter of personal preference but it definitely helps if you know what you like.

Our collection of brown composite decking boards are always a safe option designed to work well in any setting.
Our brown decking collections are inspired by natural tones.

It is also worth bearing in mind the style of your garden and any features which can be seen from the decking. If they are all working together it will really enhance the overall effect you’ll achieve with your colour choices.


Symmetry and Angles

We mentioned including the colours of your home as inspiration towards your decking colour choice, but it’s also worth bearing in mind that you can get really creative with the overall effect you can create. Maybe you’d like your garden to look bigger? Perhaps you’d like to draw attention to certain aspects of the garden?

With some clever design, you can use the colour of the boards to break up the garden for instance or lead the eye towards certain features. Whilst not being related to the colour you’ll opt for, our Clarity and Forma boards have different grooves on each side, with wider groove spacing on one side than the other. Using the different sides can further the effects you’re creating with your decking colour. Playing with the symmetry of this or introducing angles such as diagonals with the colour can create a stunning effect.


Add Variety With Different Colours

If contrast or making a statement is more your style, having a selection of colour to choose from gives you the opportunity to introduce pattern or variety. The more contemporary colours work particularly well with this – for instance, having charcoal as the main decking colour but introducing a silver birch or ash border really add to the modern effect.

With a little flair and creativity, you can create an eyecatching effect such as alternating diagonal patterns or herringbone.

Combining this with some carefully selected pot plants and furniture will really show off your gorgeous new decking!

Take a look at our gallery if you’d like to see some of our previous projects – it really is amazing how our decking can totally transform absolutely any space.

If you need any help or advice on how to choose your colours, get in touch as our team have been doing this for years and are more than happy to help.

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