How Much Does a Composite Deck Cost?

How much does it cost to build a composite deck? The average prices for composite decking vary, but are typically between £130-250 plus VAT per m2 (inclusive of supply and installation). The precise cost depends on specification of substructure and contractor labour charges. Composite is more expensive than softwood but cheaper than some hardwoods. The cost to build a deck from composite is higher because it costs more to produce. However, composite decks are cheaper long term because they require less maintenance and last longer (20-30 years compared to 10 for softwood).

If you need a rough idea of how much your decking project will cost, the guide below is for you: it covers everything that factors into the cost, compares the cost of composite to softwood and hardwood, and details what makes composite worth its price.


How Much Should I Pay for a Composite Deck?

It’s impossible to give a one-size-fits-all answer when someone asks about typical composite decking prices. That’s because the cost of a job depends on:

  • The amount of decking needed. A larger deck may cost more overall, but could cost less per m2.
  • The exact kind of composite decking used. You can choose between Forma and Clarity composite decking, capped or uncapped, and many different brands. These all cost different amounts.
  • Added deck drainage systems, steps and railings. Adding in extras like integrated benches or lighting will increase composite decking prices per m2.
  • The shape of the deck. A curved deck will cost more than a straight deck because it’s more difficult to design and install.
  • Labour costs. The longer it takes to create and install a deck, the more it will cost, even if the price of the composite itself stays the same.
  • Substructure choice. Timber is cheaper than solid plastic joists, posts or even aluminium.

The average square composite deck costs several thousand pounds. But, again, this is highly variable and depends on the decking boards used, how long they take to install, and everything else described in the list above.

Our Clarity composite decking is £18.10 +vat for a 150x25x3000mm board, which comes to £38.92 per m2 plus VAT. Our Forma co-extruded board is £28.24 plus VAT per 150x25x3000mm board, which comes to £60.72 per m2 plus VAT. We also offer longer lengths at 4.8m.


Composite Decking vs. Wood Cost UK

composite decking
Composite looks great, and with proper care, lasts longer than wood.

What can be said for sure is that composite decking prices are higher than that of wooden decking, or at least more expensive than softwood. Softwood is around half the price, which makes sense—it lasts about half as long, but also needs more maintenance, as we’ll focus on in a moment. All the same factors apply as above (the kind of wood used, the amount needed, the shape of the deck and so on) which means that the price can still be variable.

Something else worth bearing in mind is the cost of a hardwood deck. Hardwood like oak is more expensive than softwood, which is typically something like pine. The cost of hardwood is in between that of softwood and composite.


Is Composite Decking Worth the Cost?

A composite deck costs more to initially install than a wooden one, but will save you money in the long run.

One reason is that composite decking is far more durable than wood. It’s resistant to rot, mould and insects, can survive any kind of weather, and doesn’t warp in full sun. Besides that, it’s scratch-resistant, chip-resistant and doesn’t splinter. That’s why a composite deck can last twenty, even thirty years, while a wooden deck will last ten unless very well taken care of.

Wooden decks require frequent and intensive maintenance. You need to clean and sweep it regularly; you have to pressure wash it to dig out all the moss that lives in the grooves. The worst thing is that you have to seal or stain it once a year and give it a deep-clean before you do. These maintenance costs add up. Composite, by contrast, never needs sealing or staining and only has to be brushed or mopped every once in a while to stay in top condition.


Get Your Composite Decking from Ecoscape

If you want a more accurate estimation of how much a composite deck costs, get in touch and ask for a free quote. We can give you a bespoke cost breakdown within 24 hours—so no faffing around with an online composite decking price calculator! And if you’re still not sure, you can request a free sample or check out some composite decking inspiration on our site.

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