Designing your Composite Outdoor Living Space

Planning a garden makeover is no easy feat. There are many things that should be taken into consideration from levels to groundwork but the most important element ultimately is that your composite decking designs are exactly what you were hoping to achieve.


Well-considered outdoor living spaces start with a plan

We would always recommend putting ideas to paper as this firstly gives a realistic proportion of space – will your deck be used for entertaining? If so how many people would you like to be seated at any one time? Secondly, we would recommend if the deck is coming off an existing building with doors – levels are a major influencing factor in what would be accessible in your design, therefore if you are planning a self-build project try not to attempt something that is too far outside your capabilities if you do not have much experience.

Thirdly there is a wide array of laying patterns and shapes that can be achieved when using a versatile product such as composite decking. Take into consideration the lines of the existing space and garden what accents can be accentuated and where you would like your eye to be drawn.

To help you simplify the design process we have developed three-deck plans that represent popular and versatile deck designs for today’s homes. 



A foolproof classic, the rectangular deck design plan offers room for outdoor eating and grilling and its standard shape makes for a versatile, multi-functional space.

It is always important to ensure you correctly measure your decking area.
Decking Design Sheet


Can seat 8 comfortably

3.7m x 5m = 18.5sqm

Plenty of space for an outdoor furniture set

Easy for self-build 



With a distinctive viewing platform, this plan is favoured by fans of al fresco dining and utilises space well with smaller and mid-sized homes.

Composite Decking Design B


Can seat 8 comfortably

5m x 6m = 30sqm

Great for built-in lighting to highlight the interesting rail

Medium difficulty for self-build 



Wide-open space welcomes either a large sitting area or several smaller functional spaces. This sophisticated spin on the classic deck plan you can feature borders, angled corners and even centrepieces to marry design and function.

Composite Deck Design C


Can seat 10 comfortably

7.5m x 5m = 37.5sqm

Great for a set of lounge chairs

Medium difficulty for self build 

Things to consider: For centre features, borders and diagonal laying patterns these must be decided upon before the construction of your substructure as additional supports will need to be added for boards laid outside of a uniform pattern.

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