Decking Garden Ideas: The Best Plants for Containers

Are you looking for some gardening inspiration? It’s a common misconception that choosing to install decking in your garden means you must sacrifice the beauty and colour that comes with flower beds and green spaces.

At Ecoscape, our gardens are our pride and joy, and we understand our clients want to get the best out of their outdoor space too. So, here are our picks of some of the best plants for containers — a perfect, low-maintenance solution for those who want to brighten up their composite decking.


Impatiens Walleriana

Also known as ‘Busy Lizzies’, these delightful flowers are able to thrive in a shady decking area and when deadheaded bloom beautifully into the Autumn months.


Hedera helix ‘Ivalace’

Ivy is a fantastic, rather low-maintenance plant for pots or containers. This particular type boasts attractive dark-green leaves and looks stunning growing from a shared container with other colourful flowers.


Pansies & Violas

Perfect for the Spring and Autumn seasons, pansies and violas are classic container plants available with both signal and multi-colour flowers when in bloom. They look great together too!


Pennisetum setaceum

If you’re looking for a plant to make a real impact in a larger container, then consider Fountain Grass. Some types such as ‘Rubrum’ can bring extra dimension and texture to your decking with long-stems and bushy flowers. However, they may require protection in the colder seasons.



Despite its delicate appearance, this plant is also known as a ‘summer snapdragon’ and thrives in the heat. They also bloom all year without the need for deadheading, choose from pink flowers, deep purples, white and more.



A robust, diverse plant the coleus is available in a range of colours and is drought-tolerant, perfect for those with little time to maintain their decking garden. When in bloom, its delicate flowers attract a range of wildlife from butterflies, buzzing bees and even hummingbirds.



An especially dainty plant, the euphorbia plant is pretty and light in appearance with tiny, white flowers and a wispy feel. Choose varieties such as Diamond Frost or Glitz and be amazed by its general low maintenance and tough resilience to both heat and drought.


Skimmia japonica

This strong plant will keep your decking containers looking full and fresh all year long with evergreen leaves and vibrant, red buds through the winter. During the spring, the plant blooms attractive pinky-white flowers to bring a bit of colour to your stylish decking.



If you’re looking for a container plant to last all season, look no further than the Nemesia. Available in shades such as pink, purple, and yellow, this plant can bring a dash of bright colour to your decking.



Ecoscape recommends Decking Garden Ideas: The Best Plants for Containers

Usually considered a high-maintenance garden plant, the shrub variety of rose is actually ideal for planting in containers. Bring a touch of sophistication to your decking with some decorative rose pots.


Top Tips for Decking Plant Containers

Surprisingly, large containers for decking areas often prove more low maintenance than smaller ones. On the whole, larger pots retain water for longer and can cope with being watered just once a week without risking drying out. This may mean less maintenance than a number of little pots dotted around your decking.

In order for your plants to reach their full potential, choose a frost-proof container for the winter months. An ideal pot will be made from fibreglass, lead, Iron, or stone and have a drainage hole at the bottom.

To avoid over or under-feeding your container plants, it may be a good idea to keep a note of when you feed and attend to your decking garden.

If you’re working with a budget or fancy a spot of D.I.Y, you should consider upcycling your pots and containers to achieve a fresh look. Why not paint an old pot to compliment your stunning, composite decking?

You could also use vintage containers, old tins or even disused watering cans to create a cool look for your decking and make a change from the usual terracotta pots.

The above list of the best plants for containers is by no means exclusive, and there are plenty of other plants, flowers, grasses and small trees suitable for a decking garden. Those who enjoy cooking may also consider growing herbs or even some vegetables such as courgettes.

To discover more on how you could create a stunning, low-maintenance garden combining our range of high-quality composite decking boards with plant containers, or for more information on a possible garden renovation contact 0845 9011 988 or email

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