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Undertaking a renovation project on your property can be one of the most rewarding tasks to undertake, especially if the correct research into the market has been undertaken. This is why our team at Ecoscape UK felt duty-bound to compile some of the very best decking made from composite designs from across the world in order to give you some inspiration for your own designs.



We understand that a New York Roof Top bar or the poolside of the Burj Al Arab may be a far cry from your own personal project, but as Pinterest proves, we have to get our inspiration from somewhere which is why we have sourced some amazing composite decking sources.

Our following examples highlight how composite deck boards can be incorporated into a world-class architectural design of the very best hotels, restaurants and bars. Composite decking is an excellent product to specify for communal areas with high footfall and minimal time for maintenance, Painting, sealing and staining is not required, which is a huge plus point for architects and designers alike and keeps the area looking fresh for years. 

In the cosmopolitan world of built-up cities, rooftop terraces have become a tranquil retreat for many a social gathering. New York City is where it all started as far back as 1890, according to The stifling, inner-city summers, forced New Yorkers to the rooftops of newly built high rises to enjoy the breeze and clean air that the streets could not offer. The natural turn of events guaranteed that an icy cold, boozy beverage should complement the experience. “That year saw the opening of a “roof garden” atop the Casino Theatre, at Broadway and 39th Street.

The theatre is remembered for popularizing the chorus line, but it also changed American tastes by launching a small mania for dining, dancing and drinking on high.” 



It seems only right to start in New York, where The Press Lounge, New York City is known to be the best rooftop bar to enjoy an Old Fashioned and admire the uninterrupted views of Manhattan and Central Park. They’ve kept the design simple and elegant, allowing guest to focus on the views rather than an elaborate design.

In fact, it is a scheme that we are all keen to replicate in our UK gardens right now. The rattan chairs and sofas, that fantastically brings indoor comfort outside, the clean lines with the classic background of glass and steel-rimmed screens (for the view, naturally) and the luscious green topiary. It is a classic, yet elegant setting.

The decking reminds us of our Silver Birch Forma Decking. The colourway is made up of multi-tonal, muted metallics and subtle ashen browns which compliments the browns of the rattan furniture. Now, where is that Old Fashioned!

The Press lounge in New York uses stylish decking to create a contemporary aesthetic.
The Press Lounge New York

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Set within the ‘office’ district of Singapore, HI-SO has become a tranquil, yet trendy after works location. It’s close to Raffles, so the relaxed, urban venue is also popular with tourists and Singapore’s fashionable and artistic socialites. What makes this rooftop bar different to most, is the location.

HI-SO is cocooned around higher-rise buildings. It means that you get to enjoy the fresh breeze beyond the street humidity, but still feel covered. According to, “the rooftop 360-degree vistas provide a dramatic sense of immersion into the urban environs.”

The bar has been designed to look and feel like a garden owned by a movie star living in Beverly Hills. There’s the patio area surrounded with artificial grass, similar to our New Zealand Green, Queenstown, which uses three vibrant natural colours to present a luscious looking lawn. This then leads onto the decking area. The designers specified a dark wood effect here, which is no surprise as it creates a natural transition from a bright green lawn.

To recreate this look, Ecoscape stocks the Havana Forma Composite Decking. The earthy brown cigars of Cuba’s world-famous capital city inspired the colour. There is also the Walnut Clarity Composite Decking that is also designed to tie in with natural surroundings. Our clarity range is durable, yet stylish with duel textures – one that is similar to the traditional decking grooves. The other side has wider grooves for a more modern finish. The Forma range is also double-sided, however, one side is smooth, the other with wider grooves.
The HI-SO Roof Top bar uses bright furniture to compliment the more natural flooring, which we think as a very savvy design move, especially for the bar’s location. We’d love to be sat having a Singapore Sling here right now.  

The Hi-So rooftop bar in Singapore uses walnut composite decking.
The Hi-So Rooftop Bar, Singapore

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This is not a rooftop bar, but it should be! It’s the design of a private rooftop terrace for residents of the luxury apartments and penthouses housed 31 floors below it. However, this is design heaven whatever its purpose.

The composite decking is a main feature of the project, using a colour similar to our Autumn Clarity Composite Decking. It provides a traditional and natural deck style, which is brought into the height of 21st Century design by its layout design. 

We love how the first rows of deck boards create a frame around the large fire pit, and then change direction in line with the permanent seating structure. We chose this design, as we know it is something that can be easily recreated in a UK garden. 

The Yorkville Condos in Toronto uses decking similar to the Ecoscape Clarity Autumn board.
Yorkville Condos in Toronto

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Think of one person who doesn’t dream of sitting by the ocean to dine out, take five with a drink, or use as a backdrop to a romantic date, meet up with friends or to spend quality time with family. Yep, we’re struggling too. Naturally, a good waterside venue must have great curb appeal, so we’ve found this fantastic example that could easily be recreated at home (ocean view sadly not included).



This stunning beachfront home uses the durable properties of composite decking to provide a sound investment, especially against the hot, sandy climate that will damage standard timber decks. This beachfront home is something that we could expect to see on an episode of ‘Cribs’. We love how the decking boards have been utilised to create a stunning seating area with plant shelf that could double as a bench.

This is such a cost-effective way of using composite decking, saving on additional furniture costs and creating a permanent seating feature. The decking boards here remind us of our Flint Forma Composite Decking, which is designed to have cool, grey tones. The smooth finish would create a seamless design as shown in the picture.  A few seat pads, scatter cushions and a bbq later, and you will soon be enjoying sunsets and starry nights long into the summer evenings. 

This beachfront property uses a stunning grey composite decking.
Beachfront property with Joanne Taylor homes

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The Burj Al Arab is such an iconic building in Dubai, housing the stunning hotel and opulent communal areas that you come to expect from the Middle East. It is one of the most luxurious hotels in the world. The breathtakingly beautiful terrace with pools is just one of its finer points. Straight away, you see that the designers have wanted to emulate the beautiful golden colour sand found across the Dubai coastline, together with the bright blue waters.

It is like the infinity pool of the Burj Al Arab seamlessly falls into the sea. The decking is painstakingly neat, with crisp straight lines heading to the poolside. Composite decking is ideal for the searing heat of the Middle East thanks to the UV protection. It’s composition, tried and tested, will not rot, warp or splinter, keeping those clean lines neat for years.

Fixings are also invisible, which is another reason why composite decking is a popular choice for communal areas. There is no fear of injury from rouge nails on this poolside decking. The best quality composite decking should also be stain resistant. We can certainly see a few bright coloured cocktails being enjoy by this pool – although probably without the cocktail umbrella. 

The Burj Al Arab terrace in Dubai showcases a stylish ash coloured composite decking.
The Burj Al Arab terrace in Dubai

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Hotel rooftops seem to have a very strict tick list, especially if you have views like this boutique design hotel in Madeira. Infinity pool… tick, very comfy loungers… tick and a great bar… tick. We like to think that an added tick should be composite decking. 

The Vine is a brilliant example of how the very best quality composite decking can be the focal point of the design. In this case, it wraps around the cladded outer buildings from the pool area, to the seating area and right into the restaurant, which looks out across the city of Funchal and the beautiful blue waters of the Atlantic.

The dark grey boards, similar to Forma Industry, create a modern, yet elegant contrast between the bright blue sky during the day, and the orange hue from the street lights dotted around the valley on an evening. We also know that the deep grey hue will withstand the year round baking heat, heavy footfall and constant wet to dry exposure (if it is anything like our Forma range).

Forma has a durable polymer outer shell, which forms an impermeable layer. This layer protects the decking board from scratching, staining and fading. This is a stunning hotel and rooftop design, and only a few hours away from the UK too. 

The Vine hotel uses a dark composite decking board to enhance the contemporary tone.
The Vine Hotel in Madeira
The Vine Hotel in Madeira provides a stunning seafront view

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According to, Park Hyatt is the hotel to be if you enjoy the finer things in life, amazing views of the Opera House and ‘copious amounts’ of pampering. We think they might be right. The rooftop bar with sun deck is stunning, and what a view indeed! says that: “Park Hyatt Sydney offers guests an intimate, residential-style hotel with architecture, design and art that reflects the Australian landscape.

Three rooftop suites, including the exclusive Sydney Suite with near-360 degree panoramic views of the harbour and a private outdoor terrace, cater for the most discerning traveller looking for glamorous leisure and convenience.”

The composite decking on the rooftop bar is a vital element to the design. It represents a more traditional and natural decking style and is very similar in colour to our Clarity in Autumn. You can see that it has been specified to match the lower section of the Sydney Opera House building in the distance. 

Composite decking boards are used to create an anti-slip surface around the main pool.
The Park Hyatt Sydney

This complements the white design features, as well as the lush greenery dotted throughout the communal space. We also appreciate the slight colour change on the composite cladding, which is used on the outbuilding. We believe that it adds depth and further texture to the design.
Overall, the white, natural-looking wood and greenery create a modern, classic look that too could be recreated in a UK garden. 

And there we have it! A range of stunning decking ideas designed to get your creative juices flowing. Should you have any questions regarding our Composite Decking please contact us today on 0845 9011 988.

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