Anti Slip Composite Decking Benefits

Whether you are planning your brand new decking project or maybe you are replacing an existing structure – before you reach for timber which has been a popular decking choice for decades – you may wish to learn a little more about modern-day alternatives designed for 2019 onwards!

When designing our composite decking, we took all of the potential issues of using wood for your decking and seriously reduced or completely eliminated them – See our composite vs timber composite decking article. This gives you all of the benefits of timber such as the gorgeous aesthetics, but none of the headaches. 


Our Clarity range of composite decking has been used on new apartment buildings in London.
The Corniche Show Apartment used our Clarity Ash composite decking board

Not only did the introduction of composite decking make life much easier for residential projects, but in a commercial capacity this has opened up so many more opportunities for decking to be used to transform outdoor spaces of all shapes and sizes too.

Is composite decking right for you? Read on…


Anti Slip Composite Decking Is Well… Anti Slip

If you have read our article on the benefits of anti-slip composites, you’ll understand a little more about the rigorous tests our decking has to undergo before it can qualify as anti-slip. To earn their labels as Slip Resistant, both the Clarity and the Forma ranges of decking had to jump through quite a lot of hoops to ensure they were non-slip in both wet and dry conditions amongst other things.

Timber quickly becomes slippery when wet due to mould or algae being able to flourish in any lingering water or moisture, but you don’t get any of this with Clarity or Forma. 

When we say our composite decking is anti-slip – we mean it’s anti-slip.


Composite Decking Is Safer

All of our decking is not only anti-slip, but the fixings are all completely concealed too. This can make a significant difference, particularly when you are dealing with larger areas. There is always an element of natural movement with decking structures, which could work any loose fittings or screws free over a period of time.

Within a busy school, restaurant or family home, it would be very easy to overlook any protruding screws, so knowing that all fixings are invisible and don’t present any additional trip hazards is further peace of mind.

Clarity composite decking has outstanding anti-slip qualities ideal for family homes.
Clarity composite decking provides a stylish, durable and affordable solution to your home. (Clarity Graphite was used in this project)

Composite Decking Is More Durable…

Our composite materials are designed to provide lasting beauty in the midst of all weathers and levels of wear-and-tear. There’s no point investing so much time in designing a range of decking which removes the issues you’d see when using timber, only for it to look awful after a few rainy seasons. 

Our range is designed to offer maximum durability and withstand all needs from splinter-free spaces for baby-soft feet through to heavy-duty footfall in commercially busy areas. You’ll not need to worry about any deterioration either as our 20-25 year guarantees show how confident we are in how durable our composite decking is for a very long time.


Composite Decking Provides Instant And Lasting Looks

We feel like we’re being a little mean to our good old friend timber – after all – it’s been a fantastic solution for years, but you can’t deny it needs a fair bit of TLC to look it’s best. With composite decking, you have the best of both worlds.

You have the aesthetic of the decking – our wood grain, high-definition patterns are available in 12 different colours, with two different finishes too so you can totally transform your garden or area in an instant.

The durability of the decking means it keeps it’s looks for longer too, resisting fading, splintering, scratching and staining as well as not being susceptible to mould and rot. If you also allow for the fact that it doesn’t crack or warp too, you can see how with hardly any maintenance your composite decking looks great for a very long time!


Composite Decking Promotes Sustainability

In the more conscientious environment which we all now live in, many of us prefer to opt for more eco friendly purchases. Being made from recycled wood means you’re not chopping down precious trees for that gorgeous garden or decking area that you have your heart set on. 

This may not seem like a huge deal when you look at your own project in isolation, but as with any eco-conscious decisions, it’s about the compound effect. 

When you look at the scale of decking we produce and sell in a year, that’s a LOT of trees being spared by Ecoscapes decision to only use recycled wood, so it means a lot to us that our customers choose to be a part of that environmental impact too.


Composite Decking Is Great Value

Whilst timber can appear to be a smaller investment if you compare the initial purchase costs of the decking boards, for instance, when you start to look at the ongoing maintenance costs too, composite decking works out to be far better value.

Factoring in the additional costs of maintaining timber, we estimate that composite decking earns its keep before the 10 year point. That doesn’t allow for paying for contractors either so it’s not a simple like-for-like comparison of your initial outlay.

Another piece of advice we’d like to gently offer, particularly if you’re looking at a larger scale or commercial installation, is that not all composite decking is created equal. Scrimping on safety in a commercial capacity can be a pretty costly affair.

Many composites may not meet the ant-slip requirements or keep their looks and strength for as long as ranges of our calibre do, so make sure you do your homework on what you’re actually buying before you splash out. 


Composite Decking Is Perfectly Suited For Commercial Areas

The anti-slip qualities found in Clarity composite decking makes it an ideal board to use in commercial areas.
The Clarity composite decking boards are perfect for commercial areas.


This one is a bit of a combination of the other benefits but we didn’t want to skip over it as the upshot is that when looking at commercial decking, you need a lot of boxes ticking…

  • You’ll want it to look appealing for your clients or customers to want to use it.
  • You’ll want to know it’s safe and doesn’t present trip or slip hazards.
  • You’ll want it to be low or no maintenance.
  • You’ll want it to be durable.
  • You’ll want it to be keep it’s looks instead of being replaced every 5 years
  • You’ll want it to be a viable option for all sizes of installations
  • You’ll want it to be simple to install

Those are just a few of the many considerations you’ll no doubt have, but as you can see from this article, the long list of benefits of composite decking lend themselves perfectly to commercial use. This is why our composite decking is used in so many commercial capacities such as schools, restaurants, hotels, arenas – the list really is endless.

We hope his has given you a glimpse into just how much our range of composite decking offers you. Residential or commercial, big or small, it really doesn’t matter – you’re only limited by your imagination.

If you’d like more information on how our composite decking could be a fit for your next decking project, simply get in touch and our friendly team of experts will be happy to help.

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