20 Ways To Get ‘Positively Creative’ With Decking

One of the main reasons people choose decking in their gardens is to transform how the garden looks. That is a good enough reason by itself, but the garden is often space that’s not put to use as much as it could be. 

If you take a look at what you need solving in your life, your garden can often offer solutions for that which you’re not noticing. If you are stressed or overworked, maybe getting outside into the garden as part of your routine for just five or ten minutes a day would help? 

If that appeals, take a look at the ideas coming up on allocating space to this – setting an intention and putting a plan into place is the first step in making changes so we hope some of our ideas inspire you to connect with nature again. Maybe you need more storage as you don’t have a garage or shed? By utilising the space outside well, you can solve this issue too. 

Perhaps you don’t see the people you enjoy enough? Putting a sociable space outside in your garden as something you see daily to enjoy with friends and family with, would remind you that you haven’t seen your friends for a while. It’s like having a sociable invitation to get everyone together constantly at your disposal. 

We often forget that we are living not existing, and being outside can really help you feel alive.

A lovely garden is a self-fulfilling prophecy – if we have a garden, we love, we use it more, right?  Take a look at these 20 creative decking ideas the team here at Ecoscape have put together to help you get your outside on side


1 .Decking Yourself Out 

First and foremost, let’s start with an obvious one. This one may not sound particularly creative, but the starting point is surely to create your blank canvas to play with.
Maybe you have an area of your garden that’s not being put to good use? Tidy it up with some fab decking and it will transform it.

If you don’t want to maintain a lawn, the perks of having a decking area, is that it is usable all year round whether you’ve cut the grass or not so has a positive effect on how you use your garden. 
As soon as we get any rain, as is often the case in the sunny UK, our grass or plant-based areas are out of bounds. 
Composite decking is usable straight after one of our great British downpours which is great if you have kids or pets going stir crazy on grey days. 


2 .Use Colour You’ll Love

When we think of decking, we often think of just a standard bit of brown timber. That looks nice, of course, but with a dash of inspiration, and the fact that our Forma and Clarity range of composite decking come in a range of colours, it’s amazing what an impact you can make. If you think a little outside the box, you can use contrasting colours and patterns, at no more effort than putting together one nice, neat decking area. Why not create something you totally love to look at as well as use.
Think herringbone, stripes, checkerboards – who said decking has to be plain?


3 .Create A Happy Space

With more emphasis being placed on mental health nowadays, it’s no secret that being outside does your emotions a world of good. 
Maybe taking your breakfast outside on your decking or starting to use an allocated space for relaxation, meditation or yoga could break your usual routine with some valuable ‘me time’ in a place you enjoy. 

Just ten minutes a day has been proven to boost mental and physical health. It could all start with creating a perfect space to be able to include this into your routine. The intention is where it all starts, so if you intend to have a space you enjoy switching off from the world in, this is where you can get your own ball rolling.


4 . Be Creative With Container Plants.

It doesn’t matter how big or small your garden is, a bit of fauna and flora can make a world of difference. You can transform just a view with a window box outside if you have no garden, so think what you could do with a bigger space. 

Composite decking is so easy to maintain that this is a huge part of its appeal. Many people are so busy now they don’t have time to maintain a garden, so having composite decking that only requires a sweep every so often, is an absolute godsend. 
But the last thing you want to do is then give yourself plants that need a lot of maintenance. Look at how your life and routine are structured and factor this into the type of plants you opt for. 

The beauty with most container plans, is all they need is a bit of TLC and you’re good to go.
Look at what you enjoy and your artistic preferences. Maybe you are minimalist so some coloured Cordyline with its straight lanes and spiky structures can contrast nicely, especially if you use different colours. 

Or just a couple of leafy trees in pots to soften the aesthetic could be more your style.  Just a few containers in colours you like to compliment your decking can be enough to want you to use this part of your home more often.


5. The Love Affair

This may not seem creative in itself as it’s not an outcome as such, but make your decking a hobby. You can transform your decking one part at a time. 
The beauty of this is that you don’t have to design the whole thing all in one go, so you can take your time enjoying creating it. Mosey around garden centres looking at what plants you’d love. Look at the furniture you’d adore relaxing in. The creation itself is often overlooked in the rush to get to the finish – lean into this one and enjoy it being an ongoing expression of the things you love and enjoy. 


6. Create A Play Area.

As we mentioned before, decking is instantly usable, even if it’s raining. Our children aren’t made of sand and often want to get outside in it. Knowing that they’re not going to dissolve on our wetter days is a great combo with an outdoor play area. Composite decking is perfect for this as they’re not going to be bringing mud and the garden inside when they’re done.
Talking of sand, you can easily build sunken or raised areas into your decking so you have sandpits or play pools for them to enjoy.

Having a section of your decking so that the little ones can play rain or shine will make a difference to the whole family’s happiness. If you locate this somewhere close to the house, as well, you know that little ones are safe, and can play while you are cooking from the kitchen for instance. Yes – parenting is definitely a multi-taskers job!


7. Create An Outdoor Lounge Or Chill Zone

If you are a social butterfly, you’re clearly not meant to be inside all the time, are you? How about creating a space that your friends love coming to share with you. A covered terrace outside your house which your bi-folding doors open out onto creates a fantastic social space for your friends to enjoy. 

Popping a few sofas, or a table and chairs outside under a terrace makes the perfect spot for your friends to clear their cobwebs over a beer or two after their busy weeks.
My, my – you will be popular.


8. Get A Hot Tub

These were all the rage a few years ago but they are still popular for those of you who enjoy being outside. Even in the coldest of days, a hot tub can be enjoyed, so a decking area with a bubbling pool to entice you to escape into is really going to wash away the week, by the time you get to the weekend.
Is it the weekend yet?


9. Create An Outdoor Kitchen

There’s something therapeutic about being able to cook outside. If you love cooking, setting yourself up in a way that you can enjoy cooking outside regardless of the weather will give you extra opportunities to really enjoy your craft.
Maybe a barbecue area or a pizza oven would be your choice. Having a dedicated food space outside is so sociable, it encourages you to make the effort to invite people around too and everybody needs an excuse to get together with people they enjoy more.
Why don’t you be everyone else’s excuse to pop round for a nibble or ten?


10. Create A Sensory Garden

When we are in the throes of our busy weeks, it’s often easy to forget that we are, in fact, human. So many of our senses and feelings are dulled during our busy, practical weeks and a sensory garden is a fantastic way to connect with who you are.
Ask people what smells they love, and they will instantly go to many that are from outside – maybe it’s freshly cut grass? Perhaps it’s roses? 

Obviously, you’re not going to have a lawn on top of your decking so we can’t help with the first one, but having some plants that are going to really enhance your senses are powerful. If you start using them regularly they can really start to uplift you – using plants like Sage, Thyme, Curry Plant, Lemon Balm and Lavender are fantastic if you just brush against them. Just as you pass an array of smells to tease your senses just make you feel that little bit more alive.
Using plants that have a nice sound to them as they swish in the wind like grasses, for instance, can really help you escape everything and connect with nature again.


11. Introduce Layers

Us Brits can be a bit guilty of being quite conventional with our gardens. The amount of time we spend in it compared to sunnier climes is probably the reason for this, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t give yourself a space that you really love to enjoy.

Adding some different layers into your decking can really help to separate them and introduce an intentional use for them. Set one part up as an eating area. One part as your sensory spot. Maybe there are parts of your garden that are particularly attractive, so setting your decking or balcony up in a way that you are facing this is will really maximise the enjoyment you get from parts of your garden that may be being ignored.


12. Set Up A Fire Pit For The Cool English Evenings

We’re not going to lie, even on the sunniest of days we often get quite nippy in the evening here. But there is just something about fire and the warmth that comes from it that is really inviting. Having a fire pit that people can enjoy with a hot chocolate or Gin – whatever tickles your fancy – is a fantastic way of warming your cockles after a cold day.
It’s a truly great way to wind down with the people you enjoy.


13. Create A Balcony

Many properties are limited with their outdoor space but creating a decked balcony in place where you can really enjoy the views, or just getting outside for a brief part of your day can make a difference to how you enjoy your outdoor space.
For starters, there’s an outdoor space to enjoy in the first place. If you’ve put a bit of

TLC into it, having a balcony outside your apartment for instance, doesn’t take much effort but it can transform how you open up your space to be used. It would also make your property far more marketable when you decide to move on, but that’s a completely different article 😉



14. Create A Reading Area

Having a covered area with a comfy chair on it where you can escape with your favourite book (and probably a fleecy blanket!) is a bookworm’s idea of heaven. It’s making a point of allowing yourself to enjoy some of that limited free time you might have. Many book lovers will often see spaces outside and think ‘oh, that would be perfect for escaping to with a good book’.  Why not create your own?
Your decking with a well-placed chair and some cover can be perfect for this – just a simple pagoda with a covering over it would do the job nicely.
So the question is, which book is first?


15. Create An Outdoor Gym Space

By having the ability to raise the levels you build into your decking, you suddenly have more options. Maybe the kids have quite a big trampoline or you just want to have space outside for skipping or your situps.
By using the structure that you have underneath the decking means you can have secure points to be able to attach equipment to. There are so many creative ways you can incorporate your exercise into the decking. 

  • Setting a trampoline into the ground. 
  • Having a flat surface for your yoga mat. 
  • Having a covered space for your weights where they are not going to get exposed to the rain 

All of this means that rather than gathering dust in the house, you actually get to use them.


16. Zone Your Garden

Just a couple of small decking areas creatively placed can totally transform a garden. If you are a family, for instance, you may all want to use your garden in different ways. Maybe mum wants to meditate and the kids want to play Jenga?
Having a couple of zones areas in the garden, not only opens up that space, hugely, but it also increases the chances that you will all get outside and enjoy it, which is part of our mission.


17. Create A Water Feature

Aah water. Who doesn’t lose themselves and relax when they hear water. Areas with water in them have been proven to help us relax with the extra ions that are present around water – especially if it’s moving. 
Having a pool with fish in it, which could be inset into the decking is a great way for even the hardiest of stress heads to unwind feeding the fish and watching them as they go about their simple lives. A subtle reminder that it’s great to just be in the moment.
Hearing trickling water with a waterfall can be blissful to some so building this into your decking is a permanent invite to relax after a busy day.


18. Build Storage Underneath Raised Decking 

With the modern British home came less storage space! If there is a lack of storage – maybe you don’t have a garage or shed –  a raised decking can be more than aesthetic.
By using the space well underneath it, you instantly have some storage space. Those children’s trikes you’re always tripping over – out of sight, and definitely out of the way.

Your rattan furniture and all its cushions look amazing, but when they are not in use you, boy do those cushions take up some space. By including some storage underneath your multi-level decking gives you will have a haven of space to hide your unsightlies.


19. Make A Den

Talking of hiding the unsightlies – why not build a den underneath the decking for the kids to escape into? Okay so we jest – they’re not unsightly, but everyone knows kids love a den! By raising your decking slightly, you can create a covered mini area underneath for them to convert into all manner or imaginary spaces. 
Mind the dragons though!


20. Convert a Shed Into A Sunny Spot

How many of us have a shed full of junk that we haven’t even looked at for years let alone used. Why not give it a good clear out, and put some decking around it to create a sun terrace. A bit of TLC and some comfy furniture could turn an abandoned nook into a spot you really enjoy – maybe a little table and chairs in front of it for your high tea too? Mary Berry would be proud!
As you can see, all you need is a little dash of creativity and your garden could be a prime part of your life and lifestyle rather than an afterthought or a chore.
Maintenance-free composite decking is the way forward! Our Clarity and Forma decking are here just waiting for your creative brain to put them to use. Get in touch if you’d love to know more about how to get yourself outside more often.

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