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The most durable, scratch-resistant, high-quality composite deck boards—and at sensible prices. Long lasting and maintenance-free WPC decking, perfect for any garden or patio, available in wood black grey and more.

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Transform your home today with the best composite decking that money can buy, from Ecoscape UK.

Whether you need a garden makeover, a new outdoor space for friends and family, or decking for commercial use, we offer both contemporary and traditional decking designs you will love. Our stylish decking boards are available in sizes and styles to suit any need, whether you prefer wood effect composite decking or a modern grey or black.

Our anti-scratch and anti-stain technology mean that our decking boards not only look great and offer a natural wood-grain aesthetic—but are also robust, weather-resistant and sustainable.

Forma & Clarity Composite Decking

We believe in buy well, buy once. That’s why our Forma and Clarity composite deck board collections come with 20+ year warranty as standard. Order your free sample pack or learn more about our ranges here.

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    Eco Composite Decking from Ecoscape

    At Ecoscape, we take the environmental impact of composite decking seriously.

    Environmentally friendly materials. Our FSC Certified boards are made of 55% hardwood fibres that have been ethically sourced from reclaimed materials and 45% high-density recycled polyethylene plastics. That means we offer recycled composite decking as standard and at no extra cost.

    Long lifespan. All our decking has a 20-plus year warranty. WPC decking is made of stable, durable material that doesn’t require harmful chemicals to keep clean. No PVC or toxic materials are used in our manufacturing process, either, so won’t harm the environment in the long term.

    Garden Design Ideas with Composite Decking

    Want to redesign your garden on a budget, but don’t know where to start? The gallery below highlights composite decking ideas that all feature Ecoscape decking. Hover over each box to learn more.

    Autumn & Walnut Pirate Ship Decking

    Our team created this bespoke Pirate Ship for a nursery in Lancashire. We worked closely with the nursery manager to achieve an area where children…
    This Birmingham rooftop bar uses Clarity Graphite and screening.

    Clarity Graphite Decking Project: Birmingham

    Our team completed this commercial composite decking project for a communal rooftop terrace area in Birmingham, UK. The client wanted to create a contemporary communal…
    WPC Decking Project

    Walnut WPC Decking Project: Greater Manchester

    Clarity WPC Decking has been used to create this stylish tiered garden due to the affordable and durable nature of the boards.
    Embankment Decking Finished Renovation

    Clarity Decking Project: Corniche

    We were asked to supply our Clarity Ash composite decking to 253 apartment balconies at The Corniche, London. The substructure was made up of 50x50mm…

    Forma Flint Decking Project: Devonshire Square

    The flexible offices at Devonshire Square are found within a self-contained mixed-use development that is a few minutes walk from Liverpool Street Train Station. It…

    Graphite WPC Decking Project: Formby, Liverpool

    Our range of Graphite composite decking was used on this family home in Formby, Liverpool. The client wanted a spacious decking area able to cater…
    Ecoscape Balcony Decking Project

    One Regent Apartments: Central Manchester

    Our Clarity charcoal composite decking has been used with this commercial project in Manchester, UK. This project was for one of the biggest developments in…

    Autumn WPC Decking Project: Worsley, Manchester.

    The brief involved specifying a product that sat well in the surroundings of the lake and forest. The client didn’t want to opt for a…

    Decking & Cladding Project: Lake District

    The brief involved specifying a product that sat well in the surroundings of the lake and forest. The client didn’t want to opt for a…
    Landscape Ash Decking Composite Ecoscape

    Clarity Ash Decking Project: Saltburn-by-the-Sea

    This residential project in York centre has been completed using our range of Clarity Ash composite decking.

    Clarity Charcoal WPC Decking Project: Bolton

    Our team finished this stunning Clarity composite decking area for a client based in Bolton.
    Finished Ecoscape Clarity Decking

    Clarity Ash Decking Project: York

    This residential project in York centre has been completed using our range of Clarity Ash composite decking.

    Composite vs Timber Decking

    Wooden decking is the traditional choice, but modern composite deck designs offer the same traditional look with durability, colour stability and low maintenance. And because we exclusively use environmentally friendly materials, our decks are sustainable too. See our comparison table below for more details.


    Read what the customers of Ecoscape UK have to say about our products.

    Composite Decking Supports & Pedestals

    We offer several timber-free support systems to complete your decking project. From joists, pedestals and cradles, we have everything you need to complete your decking system.

    Ecoscape Clarity Decking Collection

    We offer two different composite deck board ranges: Clarity and Forma. Our Clarity collection uses 95% recycled materials  — with no splintering and an anti-slip surface you can be sure to create a stylish and safe family outdoor space. 

    Clarity decking boards come in colours like charcoal, graphite, ash and walnut and in a range of sizes too. See the boxes below for more information or to request a sample pack

    Ecoscape Forma Decking Collection

    The Forma range is our most advanced yet. We use co-extrusion technology and a 1mm thick HDPE coating to give our Forma decking boards an exceptionally durable external layer that offers unbeatable stain resistance and colour stability. Each board has a dual surface finish with wood grain on one side and a wide groove pattern on the reverse, allowing you to easily switch up the look of your deck with no compromise in quality.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Our Composite Decking

    Composite decking is like wood decking, but better. It combines the traditional look of wood decking with the durable quality of plastic decking, giving you the best of both worlds. It’s also known as WPC decking (wood-plastic composite).

    Composite decking is like wood decking, but better. It combines the traditional look of wood decking with the durable quality of plastic decking, giving you the best of both worlds. It’s also known as WPC decking (wood-plastic composite).

    Composite deck boards are made using a mixture of wood fibres, plastics and binding agents. The raw materials are combined through a process known as ‘co-extrusion’ which involves melting them, mixing them together and shaping them with a die.

    The point of creating wood-plastic composite is that you get the benefits of both materials. The plastic in WPC stops it from staining, splintering and losing its colour; the wood in WPC improves its feel, its appearance, its strength and its temperature resistance. The end result is a deck you can be proud of for twenty years or more.

    The best thing about composite decking is that it’s low maintenance. You don’t need to paint, stain, seal or sand a composite deck for it to stay in top condition. And compared with the qualities of a synthetic deck, composite still offers the quality and natural look of real timber.

    Besides that, our decks are independently tested to HSE BS 7976-2:2002 non-slip standards, and that’s with no treatment. So whereas plastic decks are naturally slippery, and wooden ones are slippery if you don’t treat them, a composite deck isn’t.

    Clarity composite decking is both affordable and environmentally friendly—the perfect decking for your next project.

    Their high friction anti-slip surface means that our Clarity composite boards are as appropriate for commercial decking as for your patio. They are reversible with wide grooves on one side and narrow on the other, allowing you to pick the style that suits you, or to create a mix-and-match pattern. Both sides offer the same unbeatable durability, and will never warp, crack or splinter, making Clarity the perfect choice if you have children or pets.

    Unlike traditional wood decking that requires regular maintenance and has a short lifespan of around ten years, all composite decking from the Clarity collection is designed to last and has a 20-year warranty. Clarity boards are available in five colours: CharcoalGraphiteAshAutumn and Walnut.

    Forma is our premium range. If you want a deck with a finish and lifespan so good that it will increase the value of your home, Forma composite decking boards are what you need.

    Like all the wood-plastic composite we sell, Forma boards are made of 55% reclaimed wood fibres and 45% recycled plastic, making them both durable and sustainable. Each board is dual-surface and anti-slip like those in the Clarity range.

    What sets Forma boards apart is that each one is capped and finished with 1mm of durable HDPE, offering complete scratch and stain resistance. That’s why our Forma composite decking is unrivalled for its longevity and comes with a 25-year warranty as standard.

    Forma boards are available in six colours: MidnightArgentFlintSpiced OakHavana and Charcoal.

    Both our Clarity and Forma ranges of composite decking boards are available in lengths of 2.9 meters (2,900mm) and 4.8 meters (4,800mm).

    Composite decking lasts for far longer than timber wood decking. Our Clarity range has a 20-year warranty, while our premium Forma range has a 25-year warranty. This warranty covers structural damage incurred under normal use such as fungal decay, termites, rotting, splintering and splitting.

    Timber decking, by contrast, has a normal lifespan of around ten years. Even after a short amount of time, some damage like rot or splintering is to be expected with timber decks, even if you paint, stain and seal the wood. Composite decks last for far longer and with much less maintenance: a quick hose-down and brush once a year is enough.

    The two composite decking ranges available on our website are ideal for most properties throughout the UK, although there are some subtle differences. Our Clarity decking does not require much work to maintain, has great stain resistance and excels as an anti-slip board. Our Forma boards are even more durable because of their HDPE coating, giving them better stain resistance and protection against UV rays. Should you wish to know more about our high-quality composite ranges, please contact us directly on 0845 9011 988.

    At Ecoscape we offer the best composite decking in the UK, with a warranty to make anyone happy. Here are just a handful of the many reasons to choose us:

    • Easy to maintain—no need to paint, stain or seal
    • FSC® Certified ethically sourced and sustainable materials
    • Natural-looking wood finish that will not rot, warp or splinter like wood
    • Independently tested to HSE BS 7976-2:2002 non-slip standards
    • Simple installation system with invisible fixings
    • 20-year warranty on ‘Clarity’ and 25-year warranty on ‘Forma’ as standard
    • 2-5 working day delivery

    If you have further questions about our Clarity or Forma composites, need a free quote or sample pack, or would like to visit our showroom, please contact us today on 0845 9011 988.

    Pressure washing composite decking isn’t a good idea, but it also isn’t necessary. If you hold the jet too close to the deck, it can etch into the plastic in the same way that it would chip and splinter wood.

    Rather than using a pressure washer, consider:

    • Hosing the deck with a regular garden hose
    • Brushing it with a soft-bristle brush
    • Mopping it
    • Wiping it down with warm soapy water and a sponge

    Cleaning your composite deck once per year in one of the above ways is more than enough. If you have to pressure wash your deck, do so at the lowest pressure possible (3100 psi or less) and hold the jet no closer than 8” from the surface.

    Composite decks do not require painting, treating, sealing, sanding or staining. Aside from a yearly or half-yearly wash, you don’t need to do anything to keep your Ecoscape decking in good-as-new condition.

    The reason why is that our composite decking contains reclaimed plastics. This makes our decking less porous, more weather-resistant and non-slip whether it’s treated or not.

    Composite decking doesn’t rot, no matter what conditions it’s exposed to, and whether you treat it with sealant or not. That’s one of the main reasons why composite decks last for twenty years or more, while wooden decks hardly last ten.

    It is possible for composite decking to scratch in areas of high footfall, or if you use metal tables and chairs. However, it doesn’t scuff or scratch easily if you buy high-quality decking like our Forma range; these boards are capped and sealed with 1mm of HDPE, an exceptionally tough plastic that protects against stains, scratches and even fading.

    It’s easy to prevent scratching to your composite deck by using peel-and-stick furniture pads on your chair and table legs and by washing your deck regularly to get rid of grit and grime. You can also fix scratches easily with decking paint, decking repair kits or a heat gun.

    In a sense, composite decking is a victim of its own longevity: because it can last for several decades, you may eventually notice some fading. However, the Ecoscape Forma and Clarity ranges are highly colour-stable and are treated with UV protection as standard, making this problem less likely to occur.

    If you plan to place your deck somewhere that it might fade, you could consider picking a dark colour from our Forma range. Darker decks fade more slowly and less noticeably than lighter ones.

    Our weather-resistant composite boards won’t warp like wooden decking. Wooden boards absorb water in the rain and lose moisture in the sun, even if treated. This causes the boards to expand and contract in different weather conditions which is what makes them warp.

    Composite decking is non-porous even if you don’t maintain it, so will never warp in the same way. Hollow decking, like that in our Clarity and Forma ranges, won’t warp in response to intense heat, intense cold, or extreme temperature changes.

    Composite decking does get warm in direct sunlight, although wooden decking does too. High-quality boards like those in our Forma range are specially designed to keep cool in hot weather, but if you’re still worried, consider:

    • Setting up your deck out of direct sunlight
    • Picking a light colour for your deck, as light colours absorb less heat
    • Using an awning or parasol to keep the deck in the shade
    • Not walking on it barefoot in high temperatures

    That’s beside the fact that composite decking is safer to walk on barefoot since it doesn’t split or splinter.

    Since it contains wood and plastic, composite decking will burn like wood in the event of a fire. It won’t catch fire by being in direct sunlight or because of a sunny day, however.

    Both hollow and solid composite decking boards have their use. On the one hand, solid composite decking can support more weight and typically lasts longer.

    At the same time, solid boards absorb more heat, so can get too hot to stand on and may even warp in extreme heat. Furthermore, hollow boards are more eco-friendly as they take less plastic and wood to make.

    Ecoscape’s Clarity and Forma ranges offer the best of both worlds. Our specially engineered boards use arched cavity technology so that they’re both light and structurally strong.

    When it comes to selling your home, ‘garden appeal’ is particularly important, especially in cities and residential areas where outdoor space is limited. The exact amount a composite deck adds to a house price depends on location and the garden space available, but 10-20% increases are common.