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  • Winter Night Garden

    When it comes to a wintery November evening most people want to site inside, in-front of the fire, slippers on with a mug of hot chocolate. This is quite a popular choice and one that we respect however, our team at Ecoscape UK have other ideas, instead we want to look at quite the opposite!  How to make the most of your garden on a chilly winter’s night!

    November 09 2017
  • If you are as obsessed with the Christmas 24 channel as much as we are here at Ecoscape UK then the variety of cheesy films and music will make you want to spend as much time outside this winter as possible. The snow, the hot drink and the cosy knit all sounds perfectly romantic. Now we appreciate that the United Kingdom often fails to deliver on the snowy backdrop that Canada and Alaska offer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use your imagination to get your outdoor Hygge on this winter and in your garden, especially on those cold, crisp evenings when the stars shine bright.

    We love the word Hygge too. It’s a Danish word typically associated with the dark winters of Denmark. It’s more than a word, in fact you could say it was a culture manifested in various ways to buffer Danes against cold, solitude and stress according to the Mother Nature Network.

    So we decided to give you some inspiration, tips and ideas on how to make the most of your Ecoscape UK composite decking exterior on a chilly winter’s night. After all, our composite decking is really easy to maintain and use, even in winter. Just a simple sweep up of autumn leaves, and a quick clean with soapy water will make it the perfect setting for an evening under the wintry stars.

    Make a log burner your centre piece

    Think a mini bonfire night whenever you please. You’ve covered up your outdoor furniture for the winter and when you look out of the window, your decking area is looking a bit sad. Well, why not mix it up a bit. Pull of the covers, find your cushions and use your furniture to surround a log burner or fire pit. Think super comfy campfire.

    According to Achica “Surprising touches of chrome, an outdoor fireplace and sheepskin cushions will bring the indoors out and transform your garden into more than just a patio. Relaxation awaits.”  Not only will you get the joy of stoking the fire, but it will also keep you extra warm whilst you star gaze on one of those clear and crisp winter evenings. Don’t forget the marshmallows for toasting!

    Prepare yourself a winter warming drink

    Are you a hot chocolate, tummy warming cocktail or cup of tea kind of person? For the cocktail lovers, Buzz Feed has fantastically put a list of 21 winter warming cocktail ideas together for you. If you like them hot, you can go for a spiced Irish coffee, mulled wine, Kuhula Hot Chocolate or an Earl Grey Hot Toddy. If you’re brave enough to go cold and await the warming alcohol sensations, you can pick from a spicy ginger gold rush or winter old fashioned.


    For the perfect hot chocolate, Felicity Cloake explains in The Guardian, that the best way to make the perfect silky drink is to ditch the powder. Pick a chocolate that you love to eat, milk or dark. Use whole milk and a drop of single cream if you really want to indulge. You can also add a touch of cinnamon, but the most important seasoning ingredient of all is a pinch of salt. It brings out the flavour the chocolate. Use a small amount of milk to melt the chocolate into a paste, then add more milk later. Mmmmm, we have the milk on the pan already! Whatever drink takes your fancy, mix things up by avoiding any mundane distractions and by going outside and enjoying your drink in peace.

    Go all hygge and invest in some faux fur throws, blankets and cushions. 

    Nordic interior design is a massive trend for autumn winter 2017 and is everywhere on the high street right now. But who says that the gorgeous faux throws, blankets and cushions should remain indoors? Not us. You can grab a throw for as little at 22 pounds with a variety of designs that will compliment our range of Ecospace composite decking colours perfectly. For instance, our Ash, Autumn and Walnut Clarity Composite Decking would suit creams and browns, whilst our Charcoal and Graphite Clarity Composite Decking will suit the grey and white hues. Use them to sit on, making summer garden furniture warm and cosy, or to snuggle under with a loved one. Match them with a lantern, bright green ferns and some eucalyptus, and in no time at all, you will have quickly created one very Nordic winter outdoor space.

    Fill a storage box full of old hats, scarves, gloves, jumpers and coats for you and your guests

    Don’t worry about wrapping up warm before going outside, allow it to be as impulsive as possible by filling a watertight storage unit with any old items of warm and cosy clothing. In fact, our composite decking is so versatile, you could even create a storage unit disguised as a bench to achieve this outdoor winter goal.

    Add sparkle with your Christmas lights and candles

    Put your Christmas lights up early. Maybe not quite the jazzy colourful ones, but globe string lights delicately hung around your outside living space creates the most romantic setting for a winter’s night in your garden.

    According to Making Lemonade, there are some cheap and easy ways to hang string lights by simply using poles where you don’t have walls or decking railings to hang them from. Either drill them to the railings, or if you don’t want to damage your precious composite decking design (why would you?), you can put the posts in some large pots filled with heavy rocks.

    She said of her new lighting: “Is this seriously my home? We’re out here every night that it’s not raining. The glow is unreal and we are spending more time outdoors than ever before. Now we just need to have a party. A party under the stars (and string lights).” And don’t forget the candles! On those calm winter nights you can raid your Ikea stash and scatter them outside to perfectly complement the string lights and fire.

    Indulge in a hot tub 

    Whether you’re lucky enough to own one, or fancy renting one for the night, the non-slip nature of our composite decking will create the perfect platform for your flip flops and dressing gown. Don’t forget the drinks holder for your table.

    In fact, using a hot tub in the winter months has some health benefits, or so says Daniel’s Lawn and Garden blog. Apparently hot tubs relieve stress, help with muscle pain and help to alleviate aches and pains. We’re not going to argue with that.

    Finally... Make your outdoor living space a perfect opportunity to have at home date night. According to Sugar and Cloth, a Sunset Hot Chocolate For Two is one of the most romantic winter date nights to have. But rather than visit a park to cuddle up to your loved one with a winter picnic pack of hot chocolate, marshmallows and biscuits for dunking, lay your blankets down in your garden for exactly the same result - no baby sitters needed. 

    From summer homes that can double as a winter cabin, decking that can withstand all seasons and the good imagination of our customers, the garden can be the best place to spend your time!

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