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  • Transform Your Home the easy Way: With Composite Cladding!

    To many homeowners, transforming their home from a regular old house into a sleek, modern space is incredibly important, and with new styles of interior and exterior furnishings regularly coming to market, it pays to stay ahead of the curve on what’s ‘in’ this year.

    May 30 2017
  • It’s no secret that interior design styles and furnishings change every year or so, making the task of maintaining a ‘contemporary’ home a potentially tiring and expensive ordeal. Not only would owners need to regularly research and study the latest trends and features, but the cost of updating each room of their homes to adhere to the latest fashions would be a huge annual expense. Luckily, maintaining a modern, stylish exterior is no way near as high-maintenance. While interior styles can change on a dime, exterior design and trends evolve much more slowly, meaning you can confidently invest in sprucing up the outside of your property without having to do it all over again 12 months down the line!

    In this post, we’re going to explore the many benefits of transforming the exterior of your property using Composite Cladding. This sleek, stylish and refreshingly simple product is an absolute dream for anyone looking to add a fresh modern look to their property. With many homes featured on popular property shows such as ‘Grand Designs’ or ‘Amazing Spaces’ making effective use of Composite Cladding, you can rest assured that cutting-edge properties are using it too!

    Natural Textures

    For many people, the appearance of exposed brickwork is incredibly unsightly. The rough, chipped or discoursed surfaces of brick used to build certain homes can detract from an otherwise beautiful exterior, especially those with lush gardens or outhouses. In these cases, our range of Composite Cladding is the perfect solution. Sitting comfortably over the top of a home’s exterior, our Composite Cladding adds refreshing natural wood colours and textures to a property, hiding unsightly brickwork and allowing the home to lend itself more to an ‘natural’ theme. Again, once complete this is especially effective for those who like to spend time in their garden areas during summer; anyone attending your next BBQ or garden party is sure to be blown away by the transformation!

    Completes a Modern Theme

    Image of composite cladding project by Ecoscape UK

    How many times have you seen a property that is truly stunning on the inside, only to be spoiled by a lack of curb-appeal? Anyone who’s spent time viewing several properties when house hunting is sure to have experienced this frustration in the past! Composite Cladding is often the perfect finishing touch to a modern renovation or new-build property. From open plan kitchens to large glass sliding doors and windows, Composite Cladding around the exterior or a property can easily bring a contemporary property together, and ensure that the modern sense of style displayed on the inside, is not lost on the outside. With a range of colours and textures available, you can be sure that our selection of Composite Cladding is flexible enough to suit your taste too, so be sure to browse our range here.


    While our range of stylish Composite Cladding is certainly a more aesthetically pleasing alternative to regular exposed brickwork, that doesn’t mean it is lacking in durability. Our range is extensively tested and quality checked to ensure it can ensure even the harshest of weather conditions, meaning you need not fear the winter months if you live in a particularly rural area. The Composite Cladding we supply can be applied in almost all exterior areas of the home too, meaning you can fit our flexible, durable Cladding even on areas of the exterior that get the brunt of winter’s weather.

    Simple, Yet Smart!

    Homes fitted with our high-quality Composite Cladding look like the result of a lot of tireless work and hard-labour, but it’s actually incredibly easy to install. The Cladding makes use of a unique fixing-clip, which allows each piece to simply and securely lock into place. Another benefit of our range is that it sites slightly outward of a building’s surface. This subtle gap makes a huge difference, allowing adequate air to flow through the cavity preventing any build-up of moisture and the development of damp-related issues such as mould.


    Anyone who’s undertaken a sizeable home refurbishment or remodelling is sure to know how surprisingly high the costs can be, especially when it comes to re-facing the exterior of a building. From re-pointing to sandblasting, breathing new life into plain old brickwork can be an unexpectedly expensive ordeal.


    Composite Cladding, on the other hand, is quite the opposite. This stylish and affordable alternative is a great way to add a sleek, modern edge to any home without breaking the bank. Be sure to view our contemporary range of outdoor Composite Cladding for more information and price quotes on each of our products. So there we have just a handful of the many benefits of adding Composite Cladding from Ecoscape UK to your home. Remember, for customers in Manchester and its surrounding areas, we also offer a professional fitting service for each of the products featured in our range, from the Composite Cladding showcased in this post, to the selection of Decking options we also have on sale. Be sure to check back with the Ecoscape UK blog soon for more handy tips, tricks and guides!

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