New Premium Forma Decking Range

Ecoscape UK, in anticipation of the current and future trends for decking, has introduced the new Forma range ready for summer 2016. We expect big things from this new line of decking which will feature a dual-sided texture of one side being a wide groove which has proved extremely popular in the existing Clarity range of decking and the other side being a woodgrain texture.

You may be wondering why introduce a new board when the existing Clarity range does so well? The answer is that we have reacted to trends in our industry and listened to customer feedback all of which pointed to the introduction of the Forma range of decking.

The decision wasn’t taken lightly, with the Ecoscape team spending the end of Winter 2015 and Spring 2016 deciding which board to introduce and which sides to feature.

The Ecoscape design team opted for the dual surface texture again as this proved so popular with the Clarity board. The key element which makes the Forma board stand apart from all others is its unique design.

The manufacturing process called co-extrusion was used to produce a board that is even more durable than the robust Clarity board. The manufacturing of co-extrusion composite boards includes the existing wood fibres and HDPE (high-density polythene) being protected by a plastic wrap around the outside of the boards.

The wrap around the core ensures that the board is the most robust yet able to repel and withstand staining, scratching and colour fade. Colour is also one of the main reasons co-extrusion was used to produce the new board as it allows for a greater amount of colour mixture. All of the boards in the new composite Forma range contain a two-tone colouring which looks great when applied to a garden or outdoor space.

This makes the woodgrain even more realistic as existing woodgrain boards in just a standard WPC board can look unrealistic. We at Ecoscape feel this board due to the amount of research and design that has gone into the board is positioned ideally to take on the premium segment of the composite decking industry.

Ecoscape has even put their stamp on the board with every profile of the new composite board featuring the Ecoscape leaf. The leaf places our stamp on the board of being a premium product with unbelievable longevity and robust design.

Ecoscape don’t put their name to any product, only the best! We hope that our future customers can enjoy their outdoor space with a great looking product that stands the test of time.

For more information on the new Forma range please contact us today.

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