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  • Contemporary exterior trends are not just for luxury homes

    Spending our spare time to search Pinterest for luxury home exteriors, especially those contemporary designs that utilise composite cladding, fencing and decking, is one our guilty pleasures here at Ecoscape UK. So instead of keeping our top finds to ourselves, we have decided to share some of our favourite luxury home picks from around the world in a bid to help bring out your inner designer. What’s more, we will explain, as experts in ethically sourced and high-quality composite decking panels, how you can recreate their cladding, decking and fencing designs using the low maintenance, long lasting composite materials available.

    December 20 2017
  • Contemporary home exteriors

    Those of us outside the world of house design normally consider contemporary architecture as something ahead of the trends, a building that makes a bold statement and a design that is all face, but no substance. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The concept of contemporary is more about exterior design based on purpose for modern living.

    The reason why recent luxury trends have shifted more towards a high percentage of glass covering, married with cladding and metal for exterior design is for one simple reason – there is a lack of space, especially here in the UK.

    Acquired land for new builds, as well as extensions and renovations to existing homes means that there is less indoor living space, particularly in urban areas. Designers are therefore using natural light to create a sense of space within our crowded world.

    How people are adding contemporary designs to their home

    You’ve heard about all the top celebrities creating mega basements on the very high-end streets of London. Well most of us everyday lot can realistically afford to extend above ground in order to upgrade our home to meet modern day living standards.

    Adjoining your indoor to outdoor with floor to ceiling bi-fold doors for instance is a prime illustration of an exterior renovation with function. This is a huge priority for highly regarded architects, designers and landscapers right now to give the impression of space from out to in. What it must include, to compliment the interior, is an outdoor living design. Our luxury exterior examples below demonstrate this well, and with the right materials, can be easily recreated in the everyday home.

    Traditional meets contemporary

    We love this property for its abundance of materials used on the exterior of the house. This includes cladding in a natural wood colour, elements of dark grey to frame the windows and roof, glass and concrete posts. We especially like this particular luxury home, as it includes traditional features such as the pitched roof. We believe that the end product creates a perfect balance between traditional and contemporary.

    An exterior like this could easily be recreated using our range of composite cladding. Ecoscape Forma Cladding in Spiced Oak is a great alternative to the natural wood used here. It would also be more cost effective, durable and maintenance free. There is a lot of cladding on this particular design that will require annual treatment to keep it looking its best. Without the luxury of endless funds to keep it maintained, composite cladding is a compelling alternative.

    To completely finish the look, Ecoscape UK also supplies U Channels for glass balcony panels. U channels allow for easy adjustment of the glass using a unique clamp system for a straightforward installation.

    Making the most of space

    This property shows how to make the most of space and build up instead of out!

    It is immediately clear from this luxury contemporary design that the original plot of land was petite. Yet, with the boxy three floor design, they have created an exterior that crafts open plan living spaces on every floor. You can tell from this house that it was designed for purpose, as it engulfs light thanks to the floor to ceiling glass. Without the added texture and details of the exterior, this house would not be overly impressive. Yet, the natural wood cladding next to the white washed walls and horizontal cladding in dark grey creates an outstanding look.

    Ecoscape UK Forma composite cladding can help designers recreate this look, as it can be installed both horizontally and vertically. The architect of this home has used this technique wonderfully.

    What’s more, this exterior also features a gorgeous decking area. To achieve the same effect, Ecoscape UK customers can opt for our Forma Composite Decking panels in Silver Birch, which is made up of multi-tonal muted metallic and subtle ashen browns. One side comes grooved, with an alternative flat side depending on the finish you wish to achieve.

    Don't forget about fencing

    Contemporary fence panels are a great way in which to create a stunning modern home

    We picked this house, not for its exterior, but boundary wall. It complements the house beautifully and, in our eyes, steals the show. We think that is because of the striking difference between the steel posts, white walls and dark brown vertical fence planks. It creates a very high end, expensive finish that can be easily recreated maintenance free. Our Clarity Composite Decking panels in Walnut would be ideal or even the Clarity Flat Trim, which comes in lengths up to 2900mm. The end result would be very similar to this, without the need for annual staining that would be required to maintain that luscious dark brown colour of the fence panels.

    Bringing the outdoors in

    Grey composite decking offers designers a great way in which to add a simple but effective exterior to a property

    This luxury home’s outdoor living space has to be one our favourites, mainly for its simplicity. Obviously the house itself has a spectacular design, but we think the light grey composite decking complements the black and white finish of the building to perfection. If you plan to renovate your home to create the indoor/outdoor connection similar to this, our Flint Forma Composite Decking panels and fixtures will create the cool, grey tones just like this strong, contemporary scheme. It is very easy to keep your decking looking this good as our Forma range is completely UV colour stable. The colour will stay consistent for the 25 year guaranteed period.

    As the decking area at the fabulous home is also a high traffic area, thanks to the solid canopy above protecting the homeowners from the elements, the material used would be to be tough. Then there is the heavy furniture and cooking area. These normally stain and damage traditional timber, but high quality composite decking will not mark and should also be stain resistant.

    Luxury rooftop terrace

    A rooftop terrace is a fantastic way to add more space to your home without breaking the bank

    According to a 2009 article in The Telegraph (see the article here), a government report suggested that by 2020 2.6million people will not have a garden compared to 1.6 million in 1995 we say, make the most of any outdoor space while you can. The extremely limited outdoor space in urban areas is one of the reasons why we are impressed with this example. Not to be deterred, the owners have proved that you can create a low maintenance outdoor oasis in the centre of London using any spare space that you have – in this case, their roof top.

    To create a similar contemporary roof garden design, composite decking panels can be used in several ways, from the decking itself, to the seating area and the fencing panels. We particularly like the use of lighting on this project. That too can be easily incorporated into the design, as composite panels mimic timber. The design itself is also functional, practical and modern with the greenery complementing the light grey panels and the slate roof. We can defiantly see ourselves sat up here on a warm summer’s day, cocktail in hand.

    Balcony upgrade

    At least 14% of the UK population, which is roughly 9million people live in apartments according to Barrett Homes (source:, so for those that enjoy apartment living, but only use the balcony to dry washing, we think this luxury balcony upgrade is ideal for you. Now we appreciate that this is a large space, however a scaled down version of the picture can improve your precious outdoor space ten-fold. The pale wood composite decking example is quick and easy to install even in small spaces, and will instantly transform the exterior. Match that with an outdoor chair, composite fence panels and some bold greenery, and you will soon have a mini retreat to while away those summer evenings.

    Why we love contemporary design

    As well as solving the living space problem, and bringing homes up to date, we just love the clean lines and simplicity that comes with contemporary design. Using a mixture of materials and cladding techniques to add texture and depth is the icing on the cake. It can also make renovating rather than relocating very appealing, especially for those who need to adapt a home to match a new stage in their life. It also allows us to utilise our outdoor space effectively. We hope our luxury exterior finds give you that inspiration to add a bit of contemporary to your home.

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Tony Lowe Warrington