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  • Composite Cladding Inspiration

    Composite cladding is fast becoming one of the most sought after materials to use when looking to create a stunningly modern property. Our latest article will hopefully get your creative juices flowing when it comes time to renovate your property.

    February 28 2018
  • Design style: The best composite cladding styles from around the world

    Last month we highlighted some great composite decking styles from across the globe. This time, we decided to focus on cladding and in particular how our range of composite cladding can be used to create something truly spectacular.

    Used to add texture and colour to your home exterior and chosen due to its colour longevity, low maintenance and easy installation benefits.

    Let’s get started...

    1. Burger King’s New Concept

    Now you may not think that this is an obvious choice, but we really love the new exterior design for Burger King outlets that are set to hit France soon. They’ve definitely brought it bang up to date with this look by combining stone, that deep red steel, glass and an oak inspired composite cladding, which is very similar to our Ecoscape Forma Spiced Oak Cladding.

    The specification of composite cladding for retail spaces such as this is a wise choice. Synthetic cladding looks natural, and does not have the draw-backs of timber cladding which greys quickly and requires regular maintenance. Nor does it rot, warp of splinter.  All in all, composite materials tend to be the ideal choice for high traffic areas.  These new designs have brought a bit of French finesse to the brand whilst keeping its American roots. Of course burger stamped cladding boards might not be your thing, but you can’t deny that this new exterior for Burger King is appealing on the eye.

    Burger King use composite cladding to create a stunning modern aesthetic on their restaurants. 

    Image Source: CBA Design

    2. Canberra Apartment Block

    This apartment building was designed to look great, but stay affordable for the competitive first time buyer market in the popular Australian town of Canberra. The neighbourhood was surrounded by contemporary designed buildings, so it needed a big statement. The composite cladding used delivers that, and warms the remaining white exterior. There is also sustainable benefits, if the product used is similar to the Forma Cladding, which is 95% ethically sourced.

    Keeping these gorgeous apartments low maintenance, when compared to 100% timber wood alternatives was a very shrewd move, as the gorgeous spiced oak colour won’t fade, even in the Australian sun. Nor will the communal charge include regular restraining, which is an absolute bonus.

    Composite cladding used on the exterior of apartment buildings

    Image Source: Architecture and Design

    3. Don’t forget interiors, Dubai

    These hotel suites in Dubai have brought exterior design inside to deliver a chic, yet incredibly low maintenance feature wall in the seating area. Using the golden coloured clad panels, similar to our Spiced Oak Forma Cladding, goes well with the orange and white walls. We think it makes this space gorgeous and functional, not only for the hotel guests, but for the maintenance staff too.

    Ecoscape UK cladding is great for interior use as it offers the contemporary smooth, ship-lap profile with a hidden fixing system. Could this be your missing accent feature?

    Composite cladding used to improve the interior design of a hotel room.

    Image Source: Keluargakokoh

    4. Prana Lodge Private Estate and Spa, South Africa

    According to SA Places, Prana Lodge is an exquisite private beach resort. It is home to seven luxurious suites, each with a plunge pool and private terrace area. Whilst the resort has created a modern flair, it also offers a homely feel with the eclectic interior room designs. However, it is the exterior that we want to focus on. The suite pictured is called the Diamond Villa. The spacious suite leads onto a private deck with a pool and garden shower. This lodge, in particular, sits and fits in its surroundings of tranquil beach and lush forest perfectly. The grey and cream coloured composite decking exterior can only whisper tranquil retreat and reminds us of our Ecoscape Silver Birch offering in Forma Cladding. 

    Using the contemporary ship lat formation, we think these South African lodges are calling us for a romantic break away. Well, one for the bucket list anyway. 

    Prana lodge uses composite cladding to create a stunning modern exterior.

    Image Source:  Prana Lodge

    5. Recreate a Japanese garden

    This next one is wood cladding, but we could not resist showing what can be recreated with the Forma composite cladding if modern Japanese architecture is your thing. It is difficult to decide if this is a garden feature, or the exterior of a home, although we think that is exactly the point. We know that modern Japanese exterior design is synonymous with straight lines, water and nature. We could see our Spiced Oak Forma Cladding, which is easy to install, used in this way as a passageway to an extension of the home. Now all we need is a session of Reiki, and we’ll be feeling 100% zen.

    Japanese property using cladding to create a modern tone.

    Image Source: Pinterest

    6. Japanese Black Minimalist

    When searching for a statement involving cladding, you certainly have a scroll stopping moment with these two examples created by the same architect. Designed and built in Japan, the clients of both these properties wanted privacy and functional homes for their families.

    According to Fresh Home, FORM/Kouichi Kimura Architects completed the Scape House, which has beautiful views on the hillside and an interesting arrangement of living space to confound form and function. The ‘Frame’ house has a passage which leads you straight into the courtyard, and also acts as a gallery to present artwork. Both are totally unique to the owners, as any great designed house should be, however the fact that two now stand in the Japanese community, is starting a real trend. One that we want to be part of here in the UK. We believe that the monochrome colour block truly makes these two houses stand out. The almost black cladded exterior walls remind us of our Midnight Forma Composite Cladding, which provides durability and mimics timber to provide a bold colour that lasts. So if you’re in the process of designing your home and you are considering the monochrome style, look no further.

    Composite cladding used on a Japanese home.

    Source: Fresh Home.

    7. Southern Ocean Lodge, Kangaroo Island

    According to Business Insider Australia, the Southern Ocean Lodge was named one of the best boutique hotels in the world back in 2014. We can understand why, those views are stunning! It won the ‘Above and Beyond’ category of the Smith Hotel Awards, as a stunning hotel that happily sits a top a cliff side, facing out towards the engaging Southern Ocean. We also like it, as it is another great example of the use of cladding panels for interior design.

    The deep rich, red cladding is extremely similar to the Forma in Spiced Oak. The PVC cladding, which is made from recycled wood and plastic, will not grey, which is ideal for hotel and restaurant maintenance. This is such a stunning design too. The rich natural wood tones, married with the white and lush green landscape framed by the window. We’d happily spend a few nights here, for sure.

    Internal cladding used to create a stunning contemporary tone.

    Image Source: Business Insider

    8. MiraMonti Boutique Hotel, Italy

    This mountainside retreat offers everything you’d come to expect from a luxury boutique hotel. The stunning views of Italy’s South Tyrol are the main feature with every room, restaurant and spa facility looking out far and wide to the world below. At the same time, the boutique hotel is surrounded by beautiful mountain side forest, immersing guests into a trans quail world of bird song and the breeze rustling the leaves. The importance of a natural looking exterior is necessary here, and the combination of wood cladding, stone and glass allows it to fit into the scenery perfectly. The more modern square additions, which are hotel suites, is the architecture that draws our attention. Opting for a light finish, such as our Forma Silver Birch, with the black framing of the glass. It’s stunning, and a wonderful example of what can be created when you extend your home or add an interesting out building to your existing property. Our Forma cladding has a unique, easy to install fixing clip, allowing the composite cladding to stand away from the exterior building wall to allow for air flow and no buildup of moisture and is also a sustainable solution to tired timber cladding and fascia.

    Cladding used to enhance the modern tone at the Miramonti.

    Miramonti uses cladding to enhance the rooms of the hotel.

    Image Source: Secret Places

    Should you have any questions regarding our composite cladding range, wish to discuss a potential project or simply speak with a member of the Ecoscape UK team please contact us today on 0845 9011 988.

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