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  • Composite Cladding London

    Composite Cladding London If you are looking for the most visually stunning composite cladding London has available why not contact our team at Ecoscape UK and see why our range of composite cladding is fast becoming one of the most popular products on the landscaping / home improvement market today! One such customer had researched our products and contacted our team with a view to starting a small but stunning project!

    March 10 2017
  • Composite Cladding London Project: Gate and Log Store in London

    Our team at Ecoscape UK were contacted recently by a customer based in London after requesting samples of our composite cladding range. The customer wanted to add a contemporary aesthetic to the property whilst improving security by way of a 10ft gate which would protect the side of the home. After a short discussion with our team it was decided that the project would involve building a bespoke composite cladding gate and log store, the latter of which would run down the side of the property. Once everything was agreed, the fitting team started work.

    Composite Cladding London: Gate & Log Store

    The composite cladding used was our Flint Forma Composite Cladding which complimented the current brick work of the property. We used timber to create the structure of the log store and added the cladding thereafter. The whole project took just under a week to complete and has resulted in another happy customer!

    Composite Cladding London

    Composite Cladding London Log Store

    Our composite cladding range is available in the below colours;

    • Flint
    • Industry (standard)
    • Havanna
    • Silver Birch
    • Argent
    • Spiced Oak

    The range of colours can be used on both domestic and commercial properties and come with an impressive guarantee. The composite material is both highly durable and stylish which provides all customers with a sound investment.

    Why Choose Our Cladding?

    Unlike timber cladding, our composite cladding is built to last! There is no decaying, insect damage or unsightly chemical reactions. This ensures that your cladding looks new for years to come!

    If you are looking for the most stylish Composite Cladding London has to offer, would like to obtain a quote or simply wish to discuss our composite decking, please call our team on 0845 9011 988.

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"After much research into composite decking companies I was fortunate to have found Ecoscape. Gary and his team were completely professional from start to finish. The deck looks out of this world, I would definitely recommend them"
Mina Chowdhury Manchester