Cladding – What options are available?

A quick and fool proof way to give your property a facelift is to use some form of material cladding. This simple change can increase kerb appeal and consequently raise the value of your property quite significantly. Whether you’ve just purchased a new property or have been unsatisfied with your shabby exterior for years, the clean contemporary look is easily accessible will definitely serve you well!

Simple wood plastic composite cladding and rendering could completely transform your home. Alternatively, if you prefer a more traditional look, brick slips or wood panelling could help rejuvenate the authentic appeal to your property. Take a look below at the options available to find exactly what you need, to not only stick on a budget but, help you create your dream home.



There are many elements you will need to take into consideration when looking around the market. Namely your budget,  but also the aesthetics of surrounding houses, or even what your local council permits or approves in your area all heavily influence the material you may elect for your exterior.

Depending on the complexities of your particular project, if you plan to use a building company or architect to achieve the finish you want this may also impact on the overall cost of your project. 

Exterior brick slips are thin cuts of brick and are fixed to a sub backing panel with a high strength adhesive. Mortar is then inserted into the gaps to create a realistic, pointed look.

Ranges include reclaimed and handmade finishes, and you can expect to pay from £50 per square metre including metal lath substructure and mortar joints. 



Timber cladding can be so naturally beautiful especially Cedar detailing. Timber cladding is a popular and diverse choice but comes with a high maintenance load. With hardwoods and softwoods, starting at around £15 per square metre for untreated pine, to £60+ per square metre for something more durable (including treatment/paint).



Timber can be treated to minimise colour fade and greying brought upon from UV exposure this may also improve insulation properties. 


Wood Effect Cladding

Wood effect cladding offers the same look as popular timber cladding options but requires less maintenance.  They are usually pre-painted fibre-cement boards, which are designed to look like wood. These are highly durable and are available in a wide range of colours. Expect to pay around £65 per square metre, fitted.


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