How to Take Care of Your Artificial Grass

Everyone loves having a beautiful lawn on their property. In addition to looking great and providing you and your family a space to relax and play, it can also increase the value of the property. However, maintaining a lawn can be demanding as you need to reseed, water, and mow it often to keep it healthy and looking it’s best.

For many of us, life moves quickly, and we lack the spare time required to maintain a beautiful lawn. If you’d like to spend more time enjoying your garden then carrying out laborious maintenance jobs, then an artificial grass lawn may be the best solution.

It’s also an eco-friendly option for your garden as it does not require regular watering and therefore reduces water usage. It also doesn’t require mowing or trimming, which can also reduce your households carbon footprint by removing the need for gardening equipment such as petrol mowers being used often.

Artificial grass requires an initial investment, and in no time, you will have the lush lawn of your dreams without the constant maintenance of natural grass. However, you still need to take care of the lawn to maintain its best appearance for as long as possible.

Below is a simple guide of how to care for your artificial grass:


Clean regularly

As you spend more time on the lawn, debris, dust, and dirt can accumulate and make the grass look unappealing after some time. As such, you must clean the grass regularly. You can use a garden vacuum, lawn sweeper, or leaf blower to get rid of any leaves and other particles that could be on your lawn. You may also need to rinse it down regularly to remove dust and other small particles.

The recommended cleaning interval for artificial lawns is after every three months, but you can increase the frequency if you have kids or pets that play on the grass regularly. In comparison to natural grass lawns, that require mowing, this cleaning process is not nearly as time-consuming.


Avoid Fire and Hot Items

It is recommended to prevent all kinds of hot items from getting to your artificial lawn. Fire can damage an artificial lawn by melting the grass and leaving marks that can make it look less attractive and aged. 

To avoid this from occurring, keep the BBQ grill away from the grass or place a protective panel beneath it to prevent hot coal or ashes landing on the lawn. If you are a smoker, you may also want to avoid smoking on the grass for the same risk.


Control the Weeds

Even on artificial grass, weeds can be a problem. If you own artificial grass, then you need to often check for any weeds growing from the lawn.

It is advised you remove the weeds before the plant takes root, especially if placed on the edges as it could lift the lawn and cause unevenness. Some weeds are easy to remove by raking, brushing or picking them manually. You can also purchase some environmentally-friendly products to kill algae, weeds, and moss.


Remove Stains

Artificial lawns are relatively easy to take care of and the resistant material used means most stains can be removed using hot, soapy water.

However, for tougher stains like oil marks, you can purchase some mineral spirits to get rid of the stain or use a machine to wash it off.


Don’t Use Heavy Items

Avoid placing any heavy items on the artificial lawn such as heavy furniture, portable pools, and large flower pots. Bulky items may flatten the grass fibres giving them an unnatural distasteful look.

If it proves unavoidable, use a broom with strong, firm bristles to brush the fibres back to their ideal upright position and always brush against your lawn’s natural pile direction.


Eliminate Bad Stench

Bad odours like pet urine will not damage your grass but may make it impossible to enjoy spending quality time on the lawn. To get rid of the smell, use an enzyme cleaner or a household deodorizer like vinegar to clean the unpleasant-smelling part and then hose it down.


Artificial Grass Lawns from Ecoscape UK

Over the past decade, artificial grass has become increasingly popular due to its low maintenance and fantastic appearance through the seasons. At Ecoscape UK, we offer customers New Zealand Green Artificial Grass as an alternative to a natural lawn.

With a life expectancy of up to 25 years, our customers can guarantee a fantastic, long-lasting lawn with minimal maintenance. Choose from 6 alternative New Zealand Green lawn options, suitable for properties of any size and purpose, including medium cuts, short cuts, bright green finishes, and traditional UK finishes.

For more information regarding artificial grass lawns, low-maintenance composite decking from Ecoscape UK or to receive a sample pack or no-obligation quote, please contact our friendly experts on 0845 9011 988 or email at

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