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  • Grey Landscaping Ideas

    There’s no denying that grey is here to stay. Apparently, the human eye can identify about 500 shades, yet grey is the only colour that doesn’t have any positive psychological contentions (unlike yellow, which you associate with happiness and red, which you associate with passion).

    Despite this fact, it’s a hugely popular colour within our homes and has even moved outside thanks to UPVC firms now offering grey window frames and doors as a cost-effective alternative to aluminium frames. The vast array of exterior paints on the market nowadays also allows you to add a pop of grey into the garden whether that’s your shed, fencing or even decking.

    January 30 2019
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"We purchased composite decking from Ecoscape for our back garden transformation and were absolutely delighted at the quality of the product. Highly recommended"
Andrew Blackmore Cheshire